Muhammad’s Pilgrimage to Medina

The creator of Islam religion was Muhammad and he was born in 570 CE and died in 632 CE. Muhammad was raised in a minor tribe of an old and wealthy family and he was very intelligent. His family’s business was in the caravan trade which enabled him to travel. The Islamic religion originated in 622 CE after Muhammad’s pilgrimage to Medina, which was considered a decisive moment in the religion. Other significate dates for the Islamic religion include 632 – 634 CE, a timeframe when the caliphate assumed responsibility of Muhammad’s teachings after his death.

In 750 CE, Baghdad became a focal Islamic city.

Islamic holidays include Ramadan “the ritual obligation to fast by abstaining from food, drink, medicine, tobacco, and sexual intercourse from sunrise to sundown each day” (Sayre, 2016) to commemorate the Qur’an. Another Islamic holiday is the Hajj; “At least once in every Muslim’s life, in the twelfth month of the Muslim calendar, the undertaking of a pilgrimage (called the hajj) to Mecca” (Sayre, 2016).

The Islamic religion originated in the Arabian Peninsula of Mecca. This was the first site where Muhammad introduced the new form of monotheism dedicated to Allah, but he encountered resistance as many polytheists and wanted to remain true to their beliefs. Muhamad used Roman infrastructure to build the Masjid in Medina. The Islamic religion evolved because their religious practices were introduced as universal concepts. The Quran is the book for the Islamic religion and is filled with recitations from Muhamad (Sayre, 2016).

Religious practices include the five pillars of Islam; the Shahadah, prayer, alms, fasting and the Hajj.

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Social conditions at the time were difficult for Muhamad because he introduced the idea of monotheism in Mecca, which was under polytheistic leadership. His monotheistic beliefs caused him and his followers to flee Mecca. Today Islam is fractured throughout the middle east with the Shiites and the Sunni. They are fighting over different Islamic beliefs. (Sayre, 2016)

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