Mr. Rickin Deere Is A Multifaceted Individual With High Moral And Ethical Standards

Topics: Blood Donation

It is my great pleasure to recommend Mr. Rikin Dhir, an ambitious student from the 2010-2014 batch of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Krishna Institute of Engineering & Technology. He is aspiring to pursue a Master’s degree at your prestigious University and having known him in the capacity of a lecturer and a mentor in three out of four years of his Bachelor’s program, I am delighted to say that he had shown an exemplary set of skills coupled with a proactive attitude.

During the years of my association with Rikin, I found him to be an innovative person with an uncanny interest and passion for his work. He was under my tutelage for subjects such as Power Systems, Electrical Measurements, and Measuring Instruments. He was an ardent learner and liked to go beyond the theoretical preview i.e. to practical applications of his subjects. His perseverance enabled him to accomplish his goals in the laboratory sessions and the industrial visits.

In July 2013, he completed his vocational training at NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation), which is an Indian Public Sector Undertaking engaged in the business of generating electricity and allied activities.

In collaboration with Sapro Robotics – Department of Technology Business Incubator and promoted by NSTEDB (National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board) – Government of India, Rikin and his team worked on their final year project ‘Automation of Product Quality Control using PLC(Programmable Logic Controller)’ and completed its thesis under my supervision. His approach was found to be sincere and he creatively utilized the resources that were provided to him.

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While discussing the concepts of his project work and his research, he showed excellent capability in understanding the core functional model of a PLC-operated machine and its automation. He implemented those ideas effectively and worked indefatigably in the modules undertaken thereafter. Eventually, he was able to construct and execute a simpler version of the actual quality control process that is carried out in a majority of large-scale manufacturing industries using Image processing. I am proud that I played the role of his guide and was able to assist him in all possible ways.

Besides academics, he held several outstanding achievements in diverse extra-curricular activities such as Photography, Dramatics, Instrumental Music, and Dance competitions. He was also one of the Chief Coordinators of the Electrical & Electronics Department’s society – EESA. Moreover, his inclination towards society’s welfare was commendable. He had been involved with many social service groups such as ‘The Rotary Club’ which is responsible for organizing ‘Blood Donation’ camps and creating awareness about the benefits of the same. In a nutshell, Mr. Rikin Dhir is a multifaceted individual with high moral and ethical standards and possesses the absolute qualities to deserve my highest recommendation for him to be accepted as a part of your Master’s program. Please feel free to contact me in case additional information is required.

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