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Movies Essay Examples

Surrealism and Real in Spellbound and Un Chien Andalou

As Richardson’s rightly suggests, ‘if a film could be viewed as surrealist under certain conditions, this does not make this or that film a ‘surrealist’ one. In fact, there is no such thing as ‘surrealist’ film. There are only films made by surrealists, or films, which have an affinity or correspondence with surrealism’ (Richardson, 6)….

The Motion Picture Production

Film noir’s transformation can be partly explained by changes in how Hollywood’s strict Production Code was enforced. Instituted by politician Will Hays in 1930, imposed rigid guidelines for motion pictures and demanded that they provide morally clean, uplifting, generally sanitized fare for the viewing public. The code’s three chief principles were: 1. No picture shall…

Moulin Rouge

Taking risks are essential for one to live life to the fullest. Indeed, taking risks may be dangerous and impacts one’s life negatively, but this allows individuals to encounter experiences that may be beneficial as it is a positive way to learn new skills and to test one’s limits and the limits of others. This…



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The Story of Yingying features

The Story of Yingying features two characters who approach their relationship from different moral perspectives. The two live in an ancient Chinese world in which complexities attend their individual stations in different ways that conspire to keep them apart. Zhang is a scholar who has little money but who holds the promise of becoming distinguished…

Yellow Earth

According to the New York State Writers Institute Yellow Earth has swiped away viewers of almost every nationality. The burst of Yellow Earth in the Chinese culture surpassed any film before made by any Japanese arena. It meant future hope for cinematographers like Zhang Yimou and Chen Kaige which have enthralled cinemagoers with works like…

Freakonomics: Book vs. Movie

Freakonomics: Book vs. Movie “She’s a super freak, super freak, she’s super freaky yowl.” Rick James wasn’t the only person to portray a message about “freaky” matters. Authors Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubernin coined together to write a book called Freakonomics. Freakonomics is the study of economics based upon the principle of incentives….

Cult Films

Eccentric, offbeat, weird, ‘unique’ and catering to esoteric tastes of a particularly small group and number of individuals, cult movies or cult films are the exact opposite of the blockbuster, hollywood and hollywood-type mainstream feature films being screened in major movie houses today. Cult movies usually acquire a ‘cult following,’ groups of individuals whose particular…

Cast Away Movie

In the film Cast Away, I was interested in Chucks transition between his communication process from before he was stranded on the island and his communication skills when he got back. Being stranded on an island for four years, having no one but a volleyball to talk to would of course have some effects on…

White King Red Rubber Black Death

All throughout history, monarchies from all over Europe have been known to exert their power and reign over African countries as well as other southern countries. In most cases, such reign has resulted to the abuse and mistreatment of the native people of the said countries. The film produced and directed by Peter Bates, “White…

Cinematic Techniques Used in Citizen Kane

In film class this past week, we learned that there are many cinematic techniques used in films that contribute to the way a film is portrayed by an audience. We had the pleasure of watching a film directed by Orson Wells In 1941 called “Citizen Kane”. I am glad that this particular film was the…

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