Movie "Braveheart" Which Started Off in Scotland

The movie “Braveheart” starts off In Scotland, in 1280 AD. We see a little William Wallace following his father. Malcolm Wallace to a meeting between noblemen. When they arrive at the place of the meeting, they find everyone had been hung by King Edward “The Longshanks”. Days later Malcom his eldest son John and other Scottish farmers set off to fight. The next day William‘s father and brother are brought home dead. They are laid to rest and soon after William’s uncle, Argile comes to adopt him Argile promises to teach young William how to use his mind before he shows him how to Wield a sword Argile then brings William back home with him.

Years later, King Edward marries his son Prince Edward to Princess Isabella, the daughter of the King of France William returns to his hometown alter many years of being away. He falls in love with Murron who as a little girl gave him a flower at his father’s funeral.

Soon after they get married in secret to avoid “Prima Nocta” a law enforced by the King that allows a noble to consecrate a new marriage by having the new wife in his bed for the first night. Instead, they consecrate their marriage on their own. but I wouldn’t know how because a certain teacher edited out these parts of the movie. Then a crazy soldier tries to rape Murron. who then is saved by William. William and Murron separate during their escape, and Murron ends up being captured, the towns Magistrate slits her throat to teach the townspeople not the attack his soldiers and to try and lure Wallace to fight him.

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An angry Wallace leads the men of the town in a revolt. They kill all the soldiers. seize the fort and Wallace avenges his wife’s death by slitting the throat of the Magistrate. Other towns and clans hearing of this rebellion come and join Wallace.

They then begin their rampage of the English by infiltrating a local noble’s fort they kill him. burn the fort and send the remaining English back to England to send them a message that the Scottish are now free. Prince Edward under orders from his father the King sends in an English army to quell this rebellion but Wallace destroys it. Wallace gains a number of followers including a crazy Irishman named Stephen who quickly earns trust by saving Wallace from assassination. The first big battle in the movie is the battle of Sterling Bridge Wallace gives an inspirational speech to keep the Scottish army from fleeing. Then the Scottish army provokes the English by lifting the kilts. Soon the battle begins. The Scots dentate the English cavalry by leading them into a wall of long spears. Then the two sides’ infantry attack each other. The Scots are dominant and the cavalry takes care of the garbage by flanking.

After decapitating the English general Wallace proclaims victory, and soon alters. Wallace is knighted and appointed guardian of Scotland. Wallace continues his march to freedom by sacking york beheading its governor, who is the nephew ol the Kin,g and sending it to Longshanks in a basket King Edward enraged by the fact that his son could not stop this rebellion. throws his son‘s gay lover out of the window and decided to take matters into his own hands. He sends his son’s wife princess Isabella. to try and make peace with Wallace. Wallace refuses. remembering what Longshanks did to peace welcoming noblemen when he was a young boy during their meeting the princess falls in love With Wallace. When Isabella returns. she discovers that the King had been planning to kill Wallace and his army. even if he did agree to peace.

The princess warns Wallace of this. who then abandons York Wallace tries to get support of the nobles but they are stubborn. He then convinces Sir Robert the Bruce the leading contender for the crown of Scotland to jam him, Robert admiring Wallace gives in. The second battle of the movie. the battle of Falkirk begins. The Irish armies thought to be on the side of the English, betray them and join the Scots. Together, they fight the English. Wallace then calls to the Nobles to attack With their calvary but they retreat. We find out that Longshanks had offered them land for them not to fight. Wallace had been betrayed Longshanks then orders her archers to fire on the infantry battle sacrificing his men to kill the Scots.

He then sends in his reinforcements thus annihilating the Scottish army. Wallace steals a horse and goes after King Edward He is stopped by a masked knight. who he nearly kills but does not after discovering it is Robert the Bruce. Stephen then saves Wallace from an onrushing horde of English Robert the Bruce then realizes he made a mistake. and vows never to be on the wrong side of the battlefield again. Seeking revenge Wallace kills the noblemen that betrayed him, He leads the remaining of his followers to the mountains. where he becomes a legend. Wallace is summoned to a meeting with noblemen he spared who say they will pledge allegiance to him. His friends tell him that it is probably a trap. but he contends that he must try for they cannot fight England alone. Upon his arrival. he is ambushed and captured by English soldiers. He was once again betrayed Wallace is convicted of treason but turns down an offer of a quick death if he admits to Longshanks being his king.

The princess visits Wallace in his cell to give him a vial of painkiller which he takes to make the princess happy but spits it out when she leaves. He believed that it would numb his Wits, Wits he needs to go through his upcoming torture, the princess then begs the king to show Wallace mercy, which she denies. He then tells him that she has the child of Wallace in her stomach and that his son Will not sit on the throne for very long after his death. A huge crowd shows up lor Wallace’s execution in London. First Wallace is hung but still reluses to beg for mercy. He then is racked, and yet still he refuses to give in. Then he was disemboweled. The crowded chanted tor his to say mercy, but when he was given his chance to do so, he yelled out “Freedom!” The executioner, felling pity, linally decapitates him, His head was put on London Bridges, and his arms and legs were sent to the 4 corners of Britain. This did not send the message that Longshanks intended it to, as in 1314 AD, Sir Robert the Bruce lead an outnumbered and starving Scottish army to freedom.

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