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More serious than love by Peter Goldsworthy Review Paper

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1964: Robert Burns grew up in the sleepy Australian town of Penola. Here, everyone knows everyone. Since Father Jim local policeman, the family lives conveniently right next to the prison. The always open cells are like inhabited by crook daily basis, because Roberts Mum is valued for its good home cooking. In December, the summer holidays begin, and the fourteen rides along with his best friend Billie Currie, an Aboriginal, high as a centaur on his bicycle through the town and nature. The boys camp out in the open and ask for rabbits with traps that sell them profitably. hidden from prying eyes – they believe – like to sit the friends on the crotch of an old pepper tree. Smoking and alcohol drinking, they have from here everything in sight. In the tree cracks are well hidden Robbie’s treasures, such as his science-fiction books – purchased as stolen – that provide templates it for his first own stories, which they live out playfully as aliens. Laser guns waving hear her scream: “Banzai” – “For the Emperor!” – or “Heil Hitler!”

Robert is an exceptionally talented boy. He can already read when it comes to primary school; completely unchallenged, it determines the classes as a class clown and smartass. In his small chemistry laboratory in the stable behind his parents’ house he experimented unrestrainedly with interesting substances and nearly hops in some explosions.

After the holidays, the boys will go to the high school. Billie fears for the friendship, because they probably will not go to the same classes. This cut is accompanied by noticeable physical changes. As an organ that he would not recognize in its massive impact reports to Robert.

comes to school year a young teacher, Miss Pamela Peach, to the high school and takes calculated Roberts class. A tiny fleet bee, stylish and sexy outfits, she comes on a Vespa therefore. The fed is in the two lesbian teachers who Robert has the “Tweedle Twins” baptized (Miss Burk’s “Tweedle Dee,” Miss Hammond “Tweedle Dum”). Of course, the failure is now talk of the town, and quickly manifested the rumor, the men stood with her snake …

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On the first day must Robert pervade his usual antics to Miss Peach unsettling. But their appearance and modern teaching style fascinated Robert so much that his initial rejection been reversed: he is attracted to her, must follow her at every turn. Miss Peach turn appreciates Roberts smart intelligence and is excited about his stories that he often writes during school hours. She takes always time for their favorite students, gives his stories corrected back and she even wants to pass an English professor for viewing. Robert is aware of his feelings for Miss Peach sure he loves her, and as it binds him to her – he interpreted – even she must love him. He will even protect them from this old English professor, whom she had invited to Penola to present his lyrical poems at a cultural evening …

The reader believes himself to this point in a high school romance involved in the most of pubescent Robert is central. In almost regular alternation he dives into his future stories that are very appealing to read and write in thousand year steps visions of always different kind of world.

The fact that Robert a false Fuffziger, an egoist is met with bitter with me , The small thefts can let go by as stupid boy pranks. But his lies, his maneuvering with truths, his silence, which would have brought his friend almost to a reform school, is already more than cowardice. In his curiosity for he was house broken into Miss Peach, but gives his act not – contrary to friend Billie, who knows that it was the love-crazed Robert, and the guilt immediately takes on himself

with the unpleasant visit to the famous poet, who does not appear in a drunken stupor the announced evening, the novel gets “More serious than love” a momentum leading to a tragic unexpectedly leads astonishing ending. Miss Peach seems to be beyond their senses and commits something momentous, punishable. For them there is only one way out …

Robert, who did not really understand what was happening, leaving Penola to study at boarding school and later at university. He is only forty years later – the death of their parents – return. He meets old friends, chatting with Billy, he then quite easily offended, and meets his familiar, tolerant pediatrician, then the doctor just in case. He has something for Robert, he presented him with tears in her eyes. “At that time there was no greater shame. I could never understand the theater,” he says (p 374).

After this shocking educate the novel can for Robert only in a world 600 billion years after Christ end. There is nothing left except the elements, all gone with the wind.

An unusual novel about growing up. The many amusing passages, the loose style of writing remain a stick afterwards in the throat, when you read the end of the novel by the heavy debt that Miss Peach, but also have loaded on Robert.

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