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Morales-Audience Analysis Memo Paper

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Morales-Audience Analysis Memo


To: Professor Julie Jones

From: Rosa Morales

cc: Classmates

Date: November 8, 2018

Re: “Computers vs PC’s. What’s the difference?” An Audience Analysis

When you think of buying a new computer, what kind of stores comes to mind? While you’re pondering your go-to store, did you know that certain retailers sell computers to a specific audience? While searching and looking for different websites that sell computers we can see there is a long list of them on a Google search. The most popular stores come up first and as you scroll down you might not recognize the rest. I will compare two websites that sell computers, but are indeed very different from each other. We have a well-known website you probably thought about, BestBuy (non-technical) and one you probably haven’t heard of, Aispro (technical).

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To begin, our primary audience for BestBuy aims at the general public which includes people of all ages. They have computers of all the popular name brands like HP or Dell. The Aispro website aims at the primary audience with more background knowledge of computers and in business with major industries like manufacturing and engineering. They have their own brand, AIS. The knowledgebase from here is where the public divides or filters itself. BestBuy just requires most of its consumers know how to turn on a device and navigate through basic screens, and everything else can be learned once you have the computer at hand. Aispro requires the knowledge of the consumer to know more technical terms and background with computers. They expect them to know the difference between RAM space and “shock resistance prior”. They also need to know beforehand what kind of specifications they are looking for. Then we come to age, gender, educational level, occupation, and cultural background for each website. The avid well-known place we go for computers practically appeals to anyone of any age (starting at around 3 years and above), gender, educational level, occupation, and all cultural backgrounds that might need entertainment. When looking into the other website, Aispro, we filter the public again. Age will range from people in their 30’s and above, gender will be both male and female, and education level plays a huge role as the consumer should be someone that is possibly a college graduate and above. Occupation plays a major role because the focus is on an audience with a background in engineering, manufacturing, oil and gas industry, and a lot of high tech backgrounds. We also come to cultural backgrounds whereas from my own perspective it would be open to all cultural backgrounds, but based on the text it is a lot more specific. The website is “thorough and complex with detail included”, which the German culture can appreciate. Japanese audiences would appreciate it too since there are “plenty of graphics and a friendly encouraging tone.” Then secondary audiences play a huge role; they affect how effective the website is. For BestBuy we have a secondary audience like the marketing team. They will oversee the website and make sure it is staying up to par with their guidelines. They make sure the website is running proficiently and promoting effectively. Aispro would have a secondary audience like the managers who are making sure everyone is following company policy. Also, it could be for someone who is looking into making a career choice in the occupations listed and would look to see if it is a fit for them.

Persuasive strategies are employed through both websites and differ quite a bit between both. BestBuy is familiarity, the simple use of why everyone needs to have a computer in their home, the low price and relationship connection. They trust the name and word of mouth because they know that’s where everyone likes to go for electronic devices. They make every effort with computers by letting them know that the color and feel is great, the price is affordable, and that everyone can learn how to use a computer. The Aispro website appeals to their primary audience by rational connection. They inform all the reasons why they should choose this specific company because at the end of the day it is simple and flexible through all the computer jargon they use. This makes the person feels exclusive and that’s how they connect with their audience.

Another point is that the BestBuy website keeps it simple; they don’t use major jargon words for computers. They use the general terms like PC’s, desktop, monitors, mouse, and hard drives, which most people are indeed familiar with already. The Aispro website uses complex words like, “thin client” and processors. They use statements like “embedded technology”, “shock/MC resistance”, “scalable design”, and “data acquisition,” just to name a few. Which is all to describe what their PC’s do. Then when explaining, BestBuy is short with only about three simple sentences to each product. They are simple and to the point and then they have what the “experts recommend” at the bottom to go with purchase. They are quick and to the point so the consumer doesn’t have to think twice about the purchase. Aispro is about 4 sentences long that are compound-complex sentences with additional bullet points explaining the benefits of the PC. They even have a downloadable PDF with explanation and a blueprint look of the PC. This tells me that the audience should match its reader’s level of understanding. Simple is something everyone wants and something a lot more detailed can be for someone who has more knowledge and wants more information because they aren’t easily convinced. Aispro doesn’t focus on the image as much as BestBuy does; they focus on the specific and are formal in their presentation. They detail everything and explain exactly what the consumer is getting. They understand this is an investment and having all the information upfront will give them more quality sales. When we get to the advertising BestBuy is on commercials, the newspaper, billboard signs, and even on social media. It is quite common that it is possible to see it on a normal commute to work. The ads tells me the audience is the general public, anyone can purchase a product here. Aispro is subtle and can only be found while searching for it specifically. There are no common ads or commercials. The audience is intended to be consumer specific. Lastly, BestBuy does not use tables or graphs; they mainly use images of the product in every angle and color options. Aispro has detailed visuals on the website before the person can even get to the cart. They explain with tables, graphs, figures, and illustrations under each category for capabilities.

Based upon both websites we definitely notice there is a huge difference between computers and PC’s as everyone actually doesn’t view these the same. Aispro is more technical while BestBuy is non-technical in what comes across to its audience. Now when you think of searching for a computer, you now know why there are so many options that come up in the search field.

Sources: for Technical Communication in the


Laura Gurak-John Lannon – Pearson – 2019

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