Moral Standard That Can Be Derived From Our Role Models

Derek Jeter asserts that your role model doesn’t have to be someone famous, it can be someone you see everyday I agree with Derek Jeter because I think his statement shows that ordinary people can be the person that is looked up and not just well—known or famous people, and also illustrates that famous people are not always the best role model and can even be the worst person to look up to because the person that is famous, could be famous because of doing the wrong thing.

While it’s true that an ordinary person can be great role models, sometimes famous people can be the best because they are a little more transparent and their actions are judged by many people. People who aren‘t famous can be just as good if not a better role model than people who are famous, this means that instead of venerating someone who is well-known the people around you can be looked to for guidance Famous people are not good role models because often times their fame is predicated on bad judgment.

People who are famous will become more well-known the more perverse action they take When Chris brown had the scandal with Rihanna, he became more famous and notorious to a degree, l-lis actions illustrate that immoral behavior will get more people to notice him.

This shows that doing offensive or hateful things will get a person more noticed. “What you are speaks so loudly, I can’t hear what you are saying,” (Emerson) However even though Chris Brown is a more notable person, he is now notorious for his actions in the scandal.

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But the fact is his sales when he released an album following the scandal went up almost exponentially. This demonstrates the fact that the way famous people interact with everyone else is different, and their example shouldn’t be followed by someone in a different situation Also the people closest a person, their family and their teachers, are better role models because they are most likely in a similar situation as them, and can set a more valid precedence. The people around them are better role models and can have better guidance and set better examples, their family or teachers can be a better moral standard because they know what type of person they are A famous person should not be set as a role model simply because they don’t know who they are, and are often times a persona, and their personality can be dramatized or distorted and their actions controlled.

This shows that familiar people can offer a better ethical guideline than the famous people who aren‘t. However a perceptual role model could be beneficial, in many religions a set moral standard is followed and is often times a good one. But these standards can be interpreted fanatically or distorted in a way that can be a poor example This illustrates that the people closest to oneself that offer a concrete example, is likely the best role model that a person can find Derek Jeter claims that your moral standard can be derived from people around your Regular people are the best option simply because the actions of someone so removed from oneself, like someone famous, can be completely irrelevant or just a plain bad example, This exemplifies that a persons’ family orjust ordinary people around a person in their life are the better role models for the actions they take,

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