Modern Websites Development Require These 5 Unique Elements

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To build an out-of-the-box website, you need to be unconventional with the design and development!

Every year, we ought to see some major or minor changes in the PHP development world, obviously for the good. Most of the time it is about new elements giving a new perspective to web designing.

Every year, we ought to see some major or minor changes in the PHP development world, obviously for the good. Most of the time it is about new elements giving a new perspective to web designing.

When the internet world is crowded with poor websites that lag both in content and design, you need not miss any opportunity to make your digital presence captivating. However, to be a head-turner in the race, you not only need to hire PHP developers who are well acquainted with the latest PHP frameworks, and technologies but also have the knowledge of the designing elements that boost usability.

It’s 2018 and clearly “To capitalize on opportunity and captivate real, live, human readers, an optimized, functional, interactive website is a must.

In other words, it’s high time to get rid of the poor websites once and for all. Web designers and PHP developers in Australia now need to get this trend clearly into their minds and start working on the following new design and development trends to build high-quality modern websites.

#1 Hero images

‘Hero’ images are explicit large and responsive images that express the business’s agenda, ideas, or brand message without incorporating much or any text.

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“Hero images can create a strong visual experience that encourages your visitors to scroll down to see or read more.”

Moreover, most people do not like going through the text to get information as it takes time, while an image or some form of iconography can express the same in a flick.

#2 Semi-flat design

Well, this is an entirely new concept in design, far different from the 3D concept. It is growing in prominence as it helps boost the site’s speed performance too. As the name suggests, it just gives out a plain and simple design layout with shadows or 3D effects.

Being the most simplistic layout, it is extremely easier for users to understand what’s being presented on the site and find out the stuff they want. Besides, helping the site to load much faster by not incorporating any complicated design elements, helps the site to rank better in the search engine.

#3 Card Design

While Grid layout is highly in trend, this is another web design trend that is popping out, and embracing it might be fruitful for your site too. However, it is mostly applicable for B2B and B2C websites. Most businesses and marketers today are fascinated by cards as they can distribute all information about their services in a visual manner which helps them consume information in bits.

By segregating the entire information into several small pieces with the use of cards, the visitors or customers are given the choice to start reading whichever they want first. Besides, the card designing concept keeps the content of the website properly organized making it look clean and uncluttered.

#4 Bigger and bold Typography

While most businesses have their pre-decided font and typography, now the trend calls for larger and catchy topography that is unique and differentiable from the peer groups. If there is one powerful visual tool on a website, then it’s Typography. It allows the company to create its brand personality, and so gives the business’s website a unique way of expressing its ideas to the customers.

#5 Short and Featured Videos

Most designers and developers have started with the trend of putting videos in the background, here are suggesting you use short and featured videos in separate sections of the site for explaining a particular service or product of your business. However, be sure that those videos are realistic and full of life which is great at overwhelming the visitors and will give them a clear idea of your services or products.

With the webspace swarming with millions of websites and web applications, you got to be different than the rest! These are the quirky, up-to-date trends to keep up ahead of others in the web world. Besides, you can’t simply hope your business to do always fine with a poorly built website. It needs major overhaul and modifications, at least with the designs and development from time to time. PHPProgrammers, one of the leading web development companies, housed with a team of skilled PHP developers in Australia along with UI designers will help you in doing so. Get in touch with us today!

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