Moderate Stress Levels Observed Amongst College Students

The author was able to provide rationale for the moderate stress levels observed amongst college students. Among them were competition for better grades, pressure from families to do better and also outside factors like bad relationships. As for the coping strategies, the author failed to provide clear mechanisms that can be used to cope with stress among males the author was focused on the stress coping mechanisms for females only. The author was also able to support his research as he referred to other scholar’s research work.

The referencing style used was the APA style which was used consistently and appropriately by the author.

The research had noteworthy results however there were limitations to the findings one being the small sample size. Out of a large number of college students in the area only 100 students were used for conducting the research and this may affect the reliability of the research results as it leads to a higher variability and may result in bias.

The sampling was also a limitation because out of the 100 students 46 were male and 56 were female which was probably why the findings showed that females had more stressors than males. The researcher should have used an equal amount of sampling between the females and the males in order to prevent bias. Other than that the title of the article accurately described the content of the research and the column headings together with the labels were used accordingly. The researcher used a table to present the findings of the research and this was the most suitable data presentation method because one is able to make comparisons between the data collected and one can easily find data as it is already summarized.

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This also made it easier for the data to be interpreted therefore this means that readers will not have a difficulty in interpreting the information provided.

The structure of the article was appropriate, the headings and the paragraphing were accurate. The information in the article was well reasoned and the data arranged in a way that the article was clear as it was stated before that a table was used to present the findings which easily gives readers clarity. The article was understandable and easy to read and the author was able to express information in few words showing that the article had conciseness.

Overall, the article was very informative and the research problem was significant as it dealt with stress among college students and the strategies they use to cope with it, which is a very common problem amongst college students everywhere. Dr Mathew (2017) presented notable results however the sample sizes and the research design used were limitations. The article was able to cover most important aspects appropriately apart from the limitations mentioned before, we learned a lot from it and even found out that even though students experience stress they do not have proper coping strategies. In future research, researchers may use this article and research further on the coping strategies needed for stress suitable for all students as this one only focused on females and also increase the sampling size.

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Moderate Stress Levels Observed Amongst College Students
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