Mobility as the Best Aspect These Days

The following sample essay is about mobility as the best aspect in people’s lives these days. Read the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay, scroll down.

Mobility is of the best aspect in lives of everyday people these days. People moving from one particular place of destination to another is somehow influence by an incentive mechanism which make it easier and possible to pursue their journey with more comfortability and conveniences. Train, buses, bicycles cars and these are the most common vehicles people used when travelling especially on the land.

Depending on the type of vehicle will determine how fast and safe one can reach his or her destination in completion of their journeys.

This is the more reasons for choosing private vehicle (car) over public transport(bus). With my experience in using these two services means of transportations, there are some common similarities to which I have come across. For instance: they all have one common goal of serving the public and every individual with good way of making life more possible prior to our everyday day to day movements from one place to another.

The most important things that comes in my mind is how fast, safe and cheap these services provide. Although, people may compare the negative and positive factors when using their own private vehicle(car) or using the public transport.

The use of private cars is one of the most common means many of transportation people use in the in the United States and all over the world than any other means.

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A new car nowadays can cost anywhere from 20,000 to 60,000 dollars, with some going under 20,000 dollars and over 80,000 dollars (Edmund 2008). Well I was not able to afford to that kind of amount due to my personal reasons but then since I decided not to use the public vehicle gave urge and gave me the more reason to buy my private vehicle. But to my likeness I didn`t like using the public transport. Though, I accept the fact that, not everyone can afford a new or used private vehicle. Using a private vehicle comes with the big deal of spending on its everyday activities. For instance, buying fuel or gas, maintenance and for other miscellaneous charges like packing space fee, toll and some additional automobile features such as gadgets and accessories would somehow add up to keep expenses a little bit high. Buying a private also comes with the fully benefits of one enjoying much privacy than using the public transport. For instance, listening to music (any music) or the radio, eating, watching movies and even in course of emergencies one would be able to use it even as a place of shelter. My first time of getting a car was awesome. On that day, I filled the fuel tank just to get do some rounds in the city of Fargo with my friends and the most favorite part of it was when I reach the broad highways and really enjoyed my ride.

Furthermore, with my experience in some other states like Texas and Tennessee, the use of the private car was more and even though, I was not able to toil the whole city to see buses whether buses were working or not but I never saw one. Therefore, most people stick to the use of private cars. The use of private cars seems to be the best for people in the United states and all over the world as well.

When I was using private means of transportation, there was no need for me to share anything with anyone like space and what to do with it. I took every responsibility prior to its use but I was comfortable with it and it saves me more time than riding the public vehicle. Even though in some states, the public system does not work. This might be available maybe just because of how the states are more advanced and populated to help people get access to their destination. Thus, this makes life easier. Prior to my experience of using the bus and its restrictions for instance, not eating, making of calls till one get headphones and even have the limitations of not talking too loudly, listening to music or radio or any other music is permitted but till one gets a headphone and these are also designed to give convenience to others using the bus which I think it`s not bad.

In North Dakota – Fargo and in the United States and with my experience has got the public transport system called the Mat bus which is popular in some states in the USA. The use of the bus is also convenient which I wouldn`t condemn it due to the fact that, cases reported on accidents and safety basics as compared to the use of private vehicles are less. It is also cheap and helps one to save more money. Also, some college students especially international students who are not yet given the authorization to drive, disable and the aged persons who are unable to drive again can also use the bus if available. In case of emergencies for instance, when one is stuck somewhere, the person will be able to get access to the bus when his or her private car breaks down. This actually helps and play an important role in the lives of everyone and serve people irrespective of who you are in any situations.

Also using the bus has got nothing to do with maintenance and spending off on fuel, therefore there will be no need for extra expenses which will definitely save money. In my general opinion, I will accept the fact that all of people find it comfortable and convenient to use the public transport system but will surely depend on the choice one makes on the use of the public and private vehicle. But then, with my choice, will go for the private vehicle which gives me much convenience and privacy to my likeness.

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