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Mob Tries to Go After Atticus Finch and Tom Robinson at Local Essay

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Mob Tries to Go After Atticus Finch and Tom Robinson at Local Jail

Trial in Maycomb – What’s the Verdict?

On September 21st, 1934, Bob Ewell accused Tom Roberson a black man of raping his 19 year old daughter Mayella Ewell. The trial took place at the Maycomb court house on June 1st. Atticus Finch was appointed as Tom’s Lawyer.

Tom was found guilty of rape based off of insufficient evidence and sentenced to life in prison. During the trial Atticus ask’s Heck Tate multiple times about the extent of Mayella’s injury’s and he says “Mayella was struck in her right eye”. After he says this Atticus asked Tom Robinson to write his name down on a sheet of paper when he does this it reveals that his left arm is 12 inches shorter than his right Which means it is very unlikely that he punched her on the right side of the face. Then he ask’s Bob Ewell to do the same. When he did it, it revealed to the court room that he was left handed. Meaning that he was the only possible person that could have given Mayella her injury’s. Also Atticus Finch asked Bob Ewell if he had called a doctor. Bob said no so on top of Tom having a left arm 12 inches shorter than his right there is no medical proof that he raped her. The jury was astounded at the amount of effort Atticus was putting into this trial to help a negro.

Mrs. Maudie’s House Fire

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On November 21st, 1934 Mrs. Maudie’s house went up in flames, the cause of the fire is still unknown. In a desperate attempt to save her belongings Atticus Finch and a couple of neighbors help retrieve most of the furniture from in her home. Mrs. Maudie was very grateful of their good deed especially for Atticus because he saved her favorite oak rocking chair. The fire trucks got to the scene just in time so the fire does not spread onto Mrs. Maudie’s neighbors. The next morning Mrs. Maudie remains optimistic about her future she says she’s wanted to down size for a while and she says she is going to make a even better garden at her next house.

Rabid Dog Shot

On February 1st 1935, Atticus Finch shot Tim Johnston’s rabid dog who was running down the main street of Maycomb. It was headed straight towards the Radley house in desperation to get both Nathan and Arthur out of their house before the dog reached them Calpurnia, Atticus’s house keeper ran down as fast as she could to try and get them out. Calpurnia pounded on the door in vain. Nor Nathan or Arthur acknowledged her warning.

As Calpurnia try’s to get the Radleys attention Mr. Heck Tate the town’s Sherriff pulls into the driveway and pulls out a gun everybody thought he was going to shoot the dog but instead he gives Atticus the gun and made him shoot the rabid dog. Atticus used to be called dead shot because he had the deadliest shot in Maycomb. Heck Tate says ’He’s always had a good shot”. We got a chance to question his children about this event and both Jem and Scout say “ I thought he was really boring but now I have more respect for him after finding out he used to be called dead shot”. Atticus swore a long time ago that he would never shoot a living thing again unless he had to because he says he has no right to kill Gods creations.

Tom Robertson shot dead


Mrs. Dubois

Tom Robinson

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