Mineral Exploration Company in Anchorage, Alaska

They own the mining project in Alaska known as the Pebble Project. There are about 18 communities in the surrounding area of the Pebble Project that rely on healthy fisheries and natural resources.

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Northern Dynasty uses science to help run their mining exploration while sustaining the health of wildlife and natural resources for the communities. Their vision and values for the Pebble Project are to help the local communities with employment and by helping Alaska’s economy. Silver or Gold: An Ounce a Day Keeps the Bankers at Bay Northern Dynasty mines for undeveloped metals such as, copper, gold, molybdenum (lead) and silver.

Undeveloped metals can be a big payday if the prices are up in the stock market. Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. are in the New York Stock Exchange and Toronto Stock Exchange. Stock symbols are: NYSE: NAK, TAX: NMD. They manage the Pebble Project in Alaska advancing the stages of mining. The company’s focus is designing, building, and running a modern mine that will enhance Alaskan communities.

Company Overview Northern Dynasty has experts in each field needed to mine, sell, and distribute metals and minerals. Their mission is, “To develop the Pebble Project: a strategic resource of copper, gold, molybdenum, and silver, standing for the future of US mining and metals” . Alaska rely on wildlife and natural resources throughout the region. Northern Dynasty’s vision is to ensure mining with modern science and respecting the Alaskan people’s way of living, and not disturb the wildlife and natural resources.

Northern Dynasty has seven categories that help shape their company culture by decision-making to management roles. Health and Safety, Stakeholder Engagement, Community Development, Environment and Society, Resource Use, Human Rights and Labor Conditions. Each category stands for the company’s belief and values to achieving its goals. Northern Dynasty’s organizational structure is a matrix. There is a CFO and VP’s in four departments: environment, engineering, public affairs, and communication and legal under the CEO. The company has a Board of Directors and a committee team alongside the CEO, CFO, and VPs. Each group has members with extensive tenure within their field of specialty. With experience in each field that reflects the company’s culture and values. The company’s leadership style is both participative and laissez-faire.

The company values in listening to their employees, local communities, and local government during their mining project which reflects the participative leadership style. In addition, the company has three committee teams with members from the Board of Directors to help create the culture, the company structure, policy and procedures, and compensation for the upper-level management team. Marketing, Product Knowledge and Mining Location Northern Dynasty’s products are copper, gold, molybdenum (lead) and silver. Their marketing strategy is personal selling by attending events to look for potential prospectors. The company does not advertise their product as it is sold in bulk to companies who refine the metals or minerals for use in another product. There are three mining production phases: Reproduction, Production, and Stockpile Reclaim. The preproduction phase is dewatering the pit area and mining of non-economic materials to be stockpiled for the process plant.

The production phase is a period which economic-grade material is fed through the process plant that produces concentrates for shipment and sale. The Last phase is the stockpile, this is the mining activity that is limited to reclaiming material to feed through the process plant .The price of the metals and minerals mined by Northern Dynasty are based on supply and demand as well as market classifications. “Due to differences in market structure, price recognition methods, as well as quantities produced, metal markets, are often separated in five groups, each with distinct characteristics: base metals, steel and ferro-alloys, minor metals, platinum group metals and precious metals”. The metals and minerals mined by Northern Dynasty have the characteristics of precious metals, minor metals, and base metals. Alaska has a long history of mining starting with gold.

Explorations from mining companies have discovered more valuable metals and minerals in Alaska that are in our everyday material. Alaska has large deposits of copper, gold, silver, and zinc. With companies mining the metals and minerals in Alaska the Alaskan communities have benefitted with increased income and employment. Conclusion Northern Dynasty has a strong developed company structure with a team of experts in each field. Their core values and mission gave the company a positive reputation amongst investors and shareholders. Increased employment opportunities in the Alaskan communities and the state of Alaska profiting from the exports of the metals and minerals. As the supply of metals and minerals increase the demand for mining will increase. With increasing demand, the stock market price will increase giving investors and shareholders opportunities for profit. In conclusion, if global markets increase with growing economies and opportunities.

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