Milano Criminale by Paolo Roversi Review

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Seven armed men robbed on February 27, 1958 in a cinematic coup an armored car and captured the gigantic sum of 600 million lire. The attack took place in broad daylight instead, and many residents of the Via Osoppo were eyewitnesses. Antonio (almost 14) and Roberto (10) were among them, and what did they have just observed their future life had a substantial impact.

For Antonio, it is “the day of his appointment.” From now on he has only one goal in mind: He wants to be “bull”.

Roberto, however mixed up with two younger companions Giambellino, the poorest and most dangerous district of Milan. You start with small thefts and mischief (such as the Liberation Tigers of some of the cages of a traveling circus), but Roberto’s goal is to make fast and big money, as his true new heroes with their spectacular robbery.

With the exciting prelude and the opposing perspectives of the two neighbor boy begins Paolo Roversi his crime novel ” Milano Criminale ” .

Paolo Roversi” Milano Criminale “in buy (opens new browser tab)”Paolo Roversi:” Milano Criminale “buy” 2011, the Esther Hansen has translated. The expectations of the reader is aligned from the start to the career of the young, of evil against good, which culminates in feasting showdown and if Antonio was arrested on a manhunt, a clever cat-and-mouse game, in the end Roberto has the good triumphed .

But the author has a different intention. The busy Paolo Roversi is a journalist, essayist, screenwriter and historian, and he does not want to leave at the individual fates.

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Rather, it embeds them in the socio-political context, including the criminal history of the fifties to the late seventies. Thus we read less a gripping, action-packed thriller as a kind of chronicle, during which the author a criminal after another along with associated gear can be resurrected. diligent about this product archival research fits the rational style, which applies himself the narrator

Enriched is the period atmosphere by national and international events that have far beyond the crime plot out. 1958 in Italy legalized prostitution abolished, the state-licensed brothels are closed ( “law Merlin”). In a still unexplained plane crash in October 1962 Enrico Mattei, the manager dies of the state oil company Eni. On their European tour giving the Beatles in June 1965, a concert in Milan. 1968 Martin Luther King is shot. In the seventies, the student protest movement Rome, Milan, Turin and Bologna, the Red Brigades spread terror, the confrontations shaken escalate with the security forces – all that and more finds its way into Roversi action happening.

Among all these national. and international, political and social milestones, the author accompanies his two protagonists Antonio and Roberto. One becomes a felon, the other climbs the career ladder at the Milan police high. While Roberto’s girlfriend keeps him in some robberies back free, fights Antonio’s wife, romp than the student unrest, hot debates with her husband out of “the other side” position and its task, the State maintain order, takes seriously.

at first gets Antonio also of the poor fierce headwind felt. Egged on by the newspapers is that on the part of the gangsters who use at the rich banks; but the mood changes when their methods more menacing and ruthless.

“Milano Criminale” is a comprehensive, insightful reading. But although the book under the genre Flag “noir metropolitano” sails, it lacks precisely in this category the right tailwind. The excess of episodes and politics, too little empathy of the sober narrative style is at the expense of a straight, pounding thrillers with lasting impressions.

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