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Who is guided in this new release books spree of title and cover, which is suggested that he would buy the stuff of love is. On the front cover of a young lady looking over the rooftops of Paris; on the back, we see a young man looking over the rooftops of San Francisco. At first it seems as the two stood on the same balcony, when the railing pull around to the book cover. But there are two different parapets and two different cities – the two are, so to speak through the pages of the novel apart – the story of a long-distance relationship, then, the painful waiting for a “message from you”

Whatever you? expect: After nearly 100 pages we are – disappointing for some, encouraging to others – in an unsolved criminal case, the kidnapping of a fourteen-year-old girl

But we press the reset button of our smartphones and start.

front. In a cafeteria at JFK Airport in New York two people collide vigorously as she hurriedly seek the same seat near a window.

Their trays with drinks, snacks, cell phones and keys end up crashing on the ground. You pampas at each other, push each other to blame for the mishap to. It was only later, on the plane, they will find that they have swapped their phones in the chaos

Since it is certainly too late. Madeline (37) flies to Paris, Jonathan (39) in the opposite direction , to San Francisco. And thus splits author Guillaume Musso on further action, which brings us Kurzweil, entertainment and excitement.

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After initial inhibitions both Jonathan Browse and Madeline in the private files of the other. As they encounter slightly erotic photos, travel photography, music downloads, movies, schedule and what you now so carrying around the phone with it. They are both amazed at what they find on unsuspected, for though they had hardly know each other, so already a picture had yet each made the other.

Madeline learns that Jonathan is one of the best chefs in the world and an empire of restaurants and hotels operates. But for whatever reason: a sudden it’s gone so down the hill, and he sold everything. If he can not cope with the separation from his beloved wife Francesca, or is there more to it?

Jonathan gets out that Madeline is a florist in Paris. Having cracked the password of her mobile phone, he comes to images and information that paint a less harmless and graceful portrait. Before she went to Paris, Madeline namely worked as Commissioner in Manchester. they almost cost the life of her last case – the abduction of the little Alice. When Jonathan perceives her face, his stomach cramped: He knew the young girl he had met her, he had spoken them … Back when it was Jonathan bad, he wanted to commit suicide, she had left him a message “the best years of life are the ones you have not lived.” Now he is Alice a little guilty.

Jonathan must Madeline necessarily speak, and Madeline has learned by now things should know that Jonathan …

The great plot, the constant change of perspective and the very attractive, innovative treatment have consistently captivated me: phone calls, SMS, Internet content, newspaper clippings, carefully selected quotes (source list at the end of book) provide variety in the narrative flow. The thread you never lose, everything complements, clarify all the secrets to; it drives us Musso ahead with absolutely unexpected twists. Perhaps the weaknesses are rooted in those same benefits that you can chalk up the latest work of the very successful French bestseller author planned out Best, the novel also acts as something constructed, is sometimes superficial in its design, and often must coincidences serve to the end bring about an overall picture.

But the approaching summer, and on the beach you can read this entertaining book good. No screaming children will be able to deflect, no glass of wine your concentration so murky that you could not resume without problems the storyline.

“message from you” ( “L’Appel de l’ange” 226622753X, in translated by Eliane Hagedorn and Bettina Runge) has just been published by Pendo.

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