Mental Retardation Or Physical Limitation

‘I refuse to allow a disability to determine how I live my life. There is only one way to go in my life and that is forward’ (Christopher Reeve). Disability means a mental retardation or physical limitation in which a person is deprived of either senses or organs .The most frequent disabilities are physical frailty, chronic diseases, mentally abnormal and sensory disabilities. Disability, a word when numerous people think of sounds deficiency of someone but literally when I hear this word, a feeling of interconnection with God invades me, A thought that there is no doubt someone is reigning this entire universe and it is certainly His selection of things for His people, He is the owner of us and it is completely His choice to whether give us or not a certain thing, to determine best for us.

Anybody , anytime can encounter any sort of disability and some are by birth encountering various sorts of disabilities.

The entire world is serving the disables.

Numerous people have made their ambitions of life to serve the disables but still we all humans regardless of our identities should individually play a part for them. Despite, we should all commence from our home and our nearest possible approaching person. In our society, we have many categories and types of people, everyone deals differently with the disables especially when it comes to parents. A major part of developing a disable person’s personality is to make him/her a person whom he accepts his disability but never stops in life just because of it.

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He should be a person who knows that I should be an independent person rather than depending on people. He should understand his purpose of life and live according to it. He should be a person whom everybody inspires. He should be a person who always makes things and situations easier for others and he should understand a person’s affliction.

A better brought up leads to a better person. Most significantly, countless parents are though bringing up their children wonderfully but they are giving an incorrect instance to society. They are making them dependent persons and a self pity which they should not. They brought them up as prince and princess of the house and make him feel superior than his other siblings because of his disability. They gave that child, a big deal of authority on his siblings too. They make that child feel that because of his disability he should be treated exceptionally and extraordinarily. The out-cropping of this super-human nurturing and the chair of the family given to that child is that child turns out to be a super- duper attention seeker. He never can feel independent, he will always feel that no matter what he will get what he wants. The essence of working and getting a reward fades away, the essence of doing something exceptional never develops instead the child makes disability an excuse for everything that he can do but he does not wants to.

The child becomes a great attention seeker, that is a huge problem for him and others too because he will always expect and want the same attention and concern like his parents give him and if he will not get so he can plot any plans or make various strategies to get the attention and make everyone driven towards him. He will always want to lead everything and live the best life just because of his unfortunate disability. He will turn into a dreadful child whom everybody instead of loving and caring for him will want to get rid of. The will neither be good humans despite of feeling someone else’s pain they will always feel that no pain is greater than their pain. This will kill the humanity of the person. He will not be a very benign personality. He will expect to get loads of love from everyone first and then give them back.

Secondly, I have heard several times that parents of disabled children saying to their children, ‘You would have been a star kid if you were not disable’. These sort of comments just make that kid a self-pity and a child who will never ever be able to move ahead. A disabled child should be treated as a normal child as then that disability will no longer be a disability if we stop making him feel that he is disable. Make him feel normal and he will. A number of parents hesitate to give responsibilities to a disabled child either of house or other small ones, going to a store purchasing a particular item. For instance, parents should give them responsibilities like doing house chores, washing dishes, cleaning up room or cook a dish and many more like these small tasks that will surely build his self-confidence, communication skills and making them believe that if they are disabled so what?

They should live like a normal person. So, parents should count on those children too as they do with other children and make them feel that they can do anything in life. Parents and schools both should collaborate not only in studying but teaching the child life skills that if left alone so how he is going to manage with his disability. This should be a significant part of fostering. For example: Communicating with people, how to cross the road or how to cook. This will make the child independent. One of the major problem of our society is that the parents do not really expect from their disabled child, they lower their expectations which they should not.

Every person has good and bad pages in his personality just like a book, some pages are really good and fascinating but some turns a bit boring that’s with a person too but what we actually admire in the book are good ones, it’s just like that parents should make the child admire his good pages. We can relate this example from Frances Hodgson Burnett’s book “The Secret Garden”. Burnett says that every person, thing and places are full of magic. Magic is always there in everything. It began to appear open when we discover it. There are many big names who achieved what they wanted though were disable but they did not stop. Life is full of difficulties and dark ways but we should always use the bridges to cross them and then again continue to run for the destiny.

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming of it”~ Helen Keller. A very inspirational example that I will like to give is of “Helen Keller”. She was born on in 1880, on 27 June. Unfortunately, in 1882, she suffered from an illness “Brain fever” which makes the body temperature high and this illness took her sense of hearing and sight, she turned deaf and blind. Luckily, a teacher, Anne Sullivan helped her in her communication which made things easier for her. She produced 12 books and always raised her voice for women moralities and labor moralities and she also spoke for socialism. She wrote abundant articles on socialism. She died in 1968, on 1 June. Helen Keller showed the world that how being strong-minded and doing hard work pays. Her life is a perfect example of perseverance. The quote that I have stated above clearly explains that this world is full of difficulties, troubles, unfortunate events and much more terrible things but on the other side, we see great revolutions with those sufferings.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving”~ Albert Einstein. A tremendously renowned scientist of the twentieth century “Albert Einstein” was born in 1879, on March 14. People give examples of his intelligence, he could not speak till the stage of three and was extremely dyslexic and autistic. As he grew he just engrossed on his good side which was mathematics. He provided numerous philosophies of Physics and Science. He attained a noble prize for his theory of photoelectric effect in 1921. Albert Einstein died on April 18 in 1955. After his death, a number of books were written on his life. He gave us a wonderful example of moving forward on the behalf of our strengths and to just accept and just ignore the difficult side of yourself. The quote above is of deep understanding that living you always need to move forward in life because if you stop moving and going ahead you will certainly fall down and hurt yourself.

“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed”~ Stephen Hawking. Stephen Hawking, a legendary person, a cosmologist, an author and a physicist. He was a victim of motor neuron disorder. This disability had though limit his body but could not limit his passion of discovering and moving ahead. He wrote 15 books. Although, he was brutally sick but he kept on writing greatly in those writings, scientific papers are also included. In 2018, when he died Lawrence Krauss, a physicist and author said, “A star just went out in the cosmos. We have lost an amazing human being. Stephen Hawking fought and tamed the cosmos bravely for 76 years and taught us all something important about it what truly means to celebrate about being human”. Really, after reading about Stephen’s life I have gotten a moral that obstacles are just a part of everything and anything we do but they becomes a hindrance when we make them so whatever kind of struggle we are facing in our lives we need to overcome it and see the

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