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Medicine Papers Essay Examples

Medical Terminology

Careers in the effective use of medical terminology have not gained that much interest a few years ago. With the increasing use of information technology in the field of health science, work associated with the use of medical terminology has evolved into well-paying professions. Medical indexing and medical transcribing are only two examples of these…

Health problems

Largely understood, ethics consist of principles, which guide the behavior of entities, groups or professions (Wilkins 2007). Nurses as professionals make autonomous decisions on how they will care for patients. But they are still held accountable to their profession as a whole as regards these autonomous decisions. A nurse’s deportment has been vastly scrutinized from…

Diabetes Mellitus

The Type 2 diabetes mellitus (also known as ‘adult-onset diabetes’ or ‘non-insulin diabetes’) is a chronic condition characterized by a rise in level of glucose (sugar) in blood, due to the abnormal manner of metabolism of insulin by the body, and body becomes less resistant to the effect of insulin (a hormone produced by the…



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Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse is one of the most common criminal cases in the society today. It is a form of substance abuse, just like alcoholism, since these illicit drugs are actually addictive in nature. Because of this, many people who are hooked on drugs cannot easily let go of the addiction, and would often lead to…

Executive Summary

As health insurance marketing is a highly competitive field, society is glimpsing the first indications that only innovative marketing techniques and tactics will win out over the competition.

Health Care

The following essay will discuss the issue of health care for middle-class Americans.  The subject of the essay then will follow how health care is being supplemented in America and how Americans are being treated in an unfair capacity.

Healthy Eating

Eating is one of the most important activities that people do everyday. “All humans eat to survive. They also eat to express appreciation, for a sense of belonging, as part of family customs, and for self-realization” (Rodriguez, n.d.). People eat to satisfy their hunger. The nutrients that food can provide also help people become stronger…

Health Insurance

Let me start by saying that numerous studies have indicated that there are many people in the USA who do not realize the importance of health insurance.

Health promotion

The issue of evidence in health promotion is debatable because there is need for any health promoter to carry out the promotion exercise in a way aimed at attracting more customers and at the same time the promoters should come up with a way of explaining the decisions they make.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Drug and alcohol abuse is indeed a serious problem among many young people nowadays. This may be proven by statistical information and examples including the ones below. In spite of all the researches conducted on the effects of alcohol on teenagers, as well as, reasons stated why alcohol should be avoided by teenagers, it still…

Running head – Health, Stress, and Coping

The chapter outlines the biological, psychological, social and cultural factors that influence health and illness. The potential stressors that increase the risk of illness are stressful experiences or situations that are uncontrollable or chronic lasting for at least six months. Some of them include work related problems, noise, bereavement and loss, poverty, powerlessness and low…

Health And Safety Issues Of Immersive Virtual Reality Technologies

Gupta, Wantland and Klien (1996) propose that many of the peripheral equipments used in VR are possible fomites. A fomite is a safe object that is capable to harbour pathogenic organisms and as such, may work as an agent for the transmission of infectivity.

Running Head: Determinants and Ecological Factors Shaping Own Health

The health status of every individual is completely different from another’s. Each person’s health is influenced by a combination of factors mostly to do with the environment or the circumstances in which the person is living in. Individual behavior and characteristics also influence the health of a person.

Holistic heal

Holistic health is maintaining good health by considering the well being of the spiritual and emotional factors along with the components that make up the physical body. The miraculous recovery of a patient from the hopeless condition that cannot be explained in modern medicine is spontaneous healing.

Briefly outline the overall design of this piece of research?

This research focuses on triangulation which focuses on comparing the different research methodologies and attaining a common conclusion. It also pays particular attention on carrying out qualitative research by considering the influence of the research to the researcher. In addition to this, the researcher used observation, interviewing and archived data as the main sources of…

Music and the Healing Wings

Music has a great advantage; without mentioning anything, it can say everything (Ehrenberg). This statement gives, in a nutshell, what this essay contains. The elements of music; its power, influence and affects on both the modern world and the past one alike. Music is a combination of rhetoric and emotion.

Search machines Google and Altavista

It was a complicated task to find interesting article on health issues in popular print media. I tried FPinfomart.ca, an all-encompassing Canadian news and information resource, search machines Google and Altavista. I have choosen TV story which everybody can print out.

Health, Behavior and Optimal Aging

The authors presented a Life Span Development Perspective to help people better understand the process of aging. The experiences and thought patterns of individuals as they accumulate through the years have an important impact in their latter behavior and psychological makeup. If these experiences were processed and internalized well, then the aging individuals could engage…

Making health

Making health, safety and security practices a major part of the orientation process for new and existing employees. Health, safety and security orientation introduces all employees to the intricacies of, in this case, the travel agency business.

Healthcare industry

Medicare and Medicaid are health insurance programs that are administered by   the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (CMS-HHS, 2007).  There are basic differences between the two health insurance programs.  Medicare is designed to provide health support services to individuals at least 65 years old and older, to individuals below 65 years of age…

Market continuum analysis

Health and human development form integral component of overall socio-economic development of any nation. The organizations and financing of healthcare in different countries are different. In each country, the design of health services and the means by which these services are financed depend on the country’s political culture, history, and wealth.

Impact of Cultural Differences on Healthcare

Culture is defined as a particular way of living which incorporates beliefs, standards, values, language, behavioral norms, styles of communication and thinking patterns. Cultural diversity is evident in various manifestations such as language, ethnicity, religion and gender. Sometimes it is also evident by an individual’s level of education and even age.

Health care marketplace

The healthcare industry is designed to meet the needs of many individuals in terms of their wellbeing. The approach or intervention would be preventive, curative, and soothing to persons who require such.

Financial Performance of Ramsay Health Care

The firm chosen, Ramsay Health Care, is a group of companies that primarily focus on providing medical attention in a large portfolio of hospitals.  Their main aim is offering a service of utmost quality to their targeted clients.  The hospitals of this corporation are located in Australia.

Health Care Reform Plans

The United States of America health care system is in dear need of a proper health care reform plan that can address the current health needs of Americans.

Running head: health education program and implications for health policy

Research on the social determinants of health has confirmed a robust correlation among life expectancy, several social factors and health status. Some of these factors can be modified through intervention of general policies.

Health Psychology

Health psychology can be safely termed as one of the relatively newer faces of applied psychology. As defined by Taylor: “… the use of psychological principles to promote health and to prevent illness” (Taylor 1990).

Health – The Use and Abuse of Psychoactive Drugs

Thomas De Quincey (1785 – 1859) described the effect of drugs thus “Thou hast the keys of Paradise, oh, just, subtle, and mighty opium!” Over the years people have used drugs for various reasons and treatment needs.

The one site that was immediately disregarded

To begin evaluating the available sources for a discussion of health care reform or socialized medicine, an internet search for organizations purporting to support health care reform was conducted.

Personalized general health assessment

Scientific and social changes of the 21st century have brought as radical change in the Health care delivery system (Patricia A Potter, 2005). The Healthcare profession has evolved through time to establish a firm role in the medical domain based on strong ethical, moral and professional principles.

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