Media the Silent Partners of Social Reformation

In this contemporary world; gathering information became the predominant focus of every individual, Electronic media plays a pivotal role in disseminating knowledge about cultural diversities, educating, inspiring, empowering and keep updating the society about the latest happenings in the surroundings.

As people around the world are greatly hooked to the electronic media and they easily understands the information they are getting from the media, it should be the solemn responsibility of media to provide an array of authentic and valuable information related to cultural diversity, social wellbeing, positive reformations within the country and worldwide well to its viewers.

Hence, the spectators can travel in a journey of thoughts and realizations in a maximum length and breadth. Precisely, they can have a retrospection or an introspection into the brighter and darker sides of their own culture, tradition, moral values, beliefs, civilizations and many such areas. Moreover, by understanding others culture, the viewers can get a clear picture about the customs and traditions of other countries too.

In this global village, we should have to be familiar with various cultures in order to widen our knowledge and to avoid cultural shock if we happen to study, work or travel in a foreign country. For instance, in her TED talk Ms. Adichie explains that her American roommate only knows a single story of Africans that it is a war-torn continent with starving and illiterate people. But her colleague didn’t even know that English is the mother tongue of Nigerians and they are also highly resourceful community.

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(Adichie, 2009). This can be considered as a classical example wherein media is concentrating on one side of the coin and the other is consciously neglected. Therefore it is a moral obligation of Media to the society that it has to carry the principles of honesty and transparency of journalism to avoid misconception.

In the current era of digitalization, visual media has emerged as a cheapest medium to foster knowledge to the society. At this pandemic of COVID 19, world has witnessed that schools and universities utilized visual media as their virtual class rooms. Adapting to the new normal life in current scenario, the World is obliged to digital connecting platforms such as zoom, Microsoft team and google hangout, with the help of these platform, office environment can be virtually maintained as same at home. According to the survey encapsulated by UNESCO on 24 March 2020 due to the pandemic, over 1.37billion students from 188 countries are out of school and majority of students are enrolled in online classes. (UNESCO, 2020).The new World will be observed as post COVID era, where the media literacy will be at its peak compared to earlier. Amidst other roles of media, it plays a vital role in raising the public awareness about health hazards, environmental issues and several other issues of social importance. In particular, through documentaries and talk shows even a common man can realise the hazards of greenhouse effect, global warming, depletion of ozone layer and so on. Such mass awareness trough media make society more vigilant and sensitive about factors those create harm to environment.

As media empowers and inspires people to a great extent it is another important obligation of the media to broadcast unbiased and transparent news without any kind of external influence in order to make the citizen aware about their civic rights, current issues within the government and to make right use of their civic rights in a correct manner. A journalists’ perception should be completely factual without discrimination and is face to the betterment of society, then his viewpoints in any of medium can create a reflection in the society. Therefore, media act as a silent growth engine for the reformation of the country. Similarly a good journalist or a good writer who can influence the public by instilling powerful thoughts through Media. Ms Adichie in her TED talks described about the African authors like Chinua Achebe and Camare Leye who has influenced her in shaping her career as an acclaimed writer. (Adichie, 2009) and later turned an inspiration for many aspirants.

To conclude, no other source of information is as powerful and accessible as Media in today’s time. The World of media is evolved and keep on evolving, it has greater role to play in society on its culture, awareness, empowerment, development and reformation.

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