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Even though the film centers more into what Jack portrays the world inside of Room and outside of Room, there are parts that show Ma’s challenges throughout the film. The first 45 minutes of the movie take place within the confines of a 10-by-10-foot shed, with no windows and one small, grimy skylight. Room is a place of captivity, but nevertheless the home of five-year-old Jack and “Ma,” his 24-year-old mother. We find out Ma’s real name eventually when they escape Room.

Her real name is Joy Newsome, but Jack only calls her Ma. Old Man Nick kidnapped Joy by tricking her to help him with his sick dog when she was seventeen. Joy spends seven years inside Room with that came Jack which is Joy’s only son with Old Nick. Inside Room, Jack is all Ma’s life and she has convinced him that everything inside Room is all life is meant to be.

She spends every waking moment with him, educating him, feeding him, and playing with him.

Jack and Joy both sleep, bathe, cook, play, do laundry, exercise, do everything inside room, and they are never able to step out of that place. As a mother, Joy would sacrifice anything for her son’s sake. She protects and takes care of her son for five years inside “Room”. She wouldn’t let anyone hurt him, especially Old Nick. Joy is stressed out the whole time and she is worried about her and her son’s life in the future if they are still trapped in room.

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There is an ideology of motherhood that takes place for Joy caring for her child well and the man who abducted her to fulfill his sexual desire without asking for any feedback.

Joy realizes that she is the only one who Jack leans on to, so she becomes tough for him. She is a very calming woman and never makes any change on how she responds to anything. She always restrains herself from getting angry, she is very patient and never complains about anything for the sake of Jack. Old Nick came inside room one time and he didn’t bring the vitamins Joy asked for and instead of lashing out she thanked him instead. She is always speaking in low tone to Jack because she knows Jack is a little boy who doesn’t really understand about what she really wants. Once Jack turns five, he becomes more curious and asks more questions which leads Joy into finally telling him the truth about room.

Joy’s life inside and outside “Room” is contradictory to her name. Her name literally means happy and also represents the color yellow, but her life is more than just happy. Her life is traumatic, unjoyful, and miserable. The question to ask her is why is she named Joy? If we see it from her parent’s perspective, they want the best things for their children. At the end of the film, many conclusions are gained because of this. It aims the audience to have a full attention to the whole story with it intentionally gives the contradiction meaning between her name and her life. The ironically named Joy, who’d taken to sleeping all day in her increasingly despondent state, compares her situation to that of Alice in Wonderland, who landed in a room with doors too small to escape through once she fell to the bottom of that rabbit hole. So, it’s fitting that it should be a line from the book itself, “Alice had begun to think that very few things indeed were really impossible,” that inspires her to believe that escape is still feasible even after all these years.

Like a caged animal, Joy may seem tame and docile at times but there’s always the feral lurking inside, furtively seeking a means to liberate herself. Joy Newsome is depicted as a lover and calm when she is inside “Room”. But when she is in the real world, her characteristics changes into lazy and impatient. Furthermore, being in the real world has caused her anxiety to grow. Inside “room”, Joy’s anxiety and depression still can be overcome by Jack’s presence for Jack sake that she only uses positive mechanisms. She still holds herself from being insane for Jack since she thought that Jack only has her for the rest of his life, so that Joy needs to be a normal mother for Jack. Metaphorically, Jack is the sun of Joy’s orbit.

Her life is devoted to him and Jack is everything to her. He is like the control of her actions. She respects Jack as she respects her father. Her honor and her love to her father she pours to Jack. “Room” Joy uses denial as one of her mechanisms. Joy denies the fact that Jack is her son with Old Nick. She hides Jack so that Old Nick never sees his face. She always puts Jack inside the wardrobe at night when Old Nick comes. She never tells Jack anything about Old Nick and denies the fact that he is the biological father. The more she admits it, the more she feels terrible about her life.

Joy is stressed with her own thoughts after the interview was conducted on her. The reporter asked her, “Was this the best thing to keep Jack when he was born than to leave him in the hospital and let Jack had a normal childhood, not in “room”. Jot thinks Jack has her and that in the only thing that matters for both of them. Unfortunately, the question bothered her, and she never thought to leave jack at the hospital. Joy didn’t care about what the reporter said at first because as long as Jack was with her that’s what matter the most. As a mother, she knows what the best thing for her son is than any other person.

What actually bothered her is the fact that what if the reporter was right? The made her more stressed and made her have bad thoughts which led her to poison herself, due to all the sleep medicine she took. At the end of the film, Jack wants to go back to room one more time. Joy feels unsafe and hurt when she goes back to “room”. She stands by the door and doesn’t get inside. If Joy goes inside, all of her memories will appear and hurt her more. She asks Jack to get out of “room” with a frown on her forehead. Joy doesn’t want anything with “room” and all the misery she felt during those seven years. Joy cannot say goodbye to “room” as Jack demanded her to do. She whispers it and leaves her past behind.

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