Medea Is a Woman With a Strong Character

His power is derived from gods who are not as powerful as compared to the rule of the people. He retaliates to those who are defiant by locking them up. Jackson is seen to be pleading with Medea to have a final touch on the bodies of the children, but Medea doesn’t hear any of his cries as she considers him as an enemy and a betrayer. This betrayal can be considered to be a political motive to end Medea ambitions of rising to power, though she is still resilient, and she doesn’t give up.

She takes the actions of revenge so as to demonstrate her power over hate. Medea is also seen as an individual who seems to be above the rule of law. The walk free event after murdering her two sons. This demonstrates how ignoring the Greek law is because Medea is expected to be locked in after such an act. Jackson is a hurt man and the event tells Medea how justice has failed him “But may the Avenger of children destroys you and Justice that haunts murderers”.

With this, he calls on the gods to avenge, revenge on his behalf since the rule of law has failed in avenging him.

As the play comes to an end, Medea is seen flying into the air towards Athens, which is a clear evidence that Medea is free. From the above plays and analysis, it is evident that the female gender was somehow despised and oppressed during the tenure of Creon.

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Women we put through punitive political injustices such that they were not allowed to voice out their concerns and views. Their actions were questioned and mostly were intimidated by death sentences. However, the rule of law or fails to apply when the same characters go beyond what the law states to please their ego’s.

For instance, Medea murders her two sons as a way of getting back to Jackson, yet she walks free. This is wrong, and rule of law should be upheld in such a case. Antigone demonstrates how women have power by being defiant and this demonstrates the importance of fairness in society. These plays bring several political theories. For instance, rule of law and women’s rights, and justice. Women are seen to be in possession of an element that they have control over men too. Medea’s action of killing her two sons was anger and disappoint her husband. Jackson is seen as a disturbed man in the entire play. Politically, this demonstrates how women have control over the society politically.

Medea can be seen as a political figure who risks it all in order to get peace of mind. Women in the political word use the same ideas to get the attention of those leading them as well as air out their grievances in order to protect those behind them. Medea was not intimidated by Creon and that’s why she is seen to be comfortable with breaking the law. Women should not be intimidated by the rulers are law since it is a weak political system to exploit the weak. From this play, we can see that it revolved around women empowerment. Both characters are seen to be subjected into trials which prompt them to speak out and air their grievances by being defiant to the ruler. Women are encouraged to stand out and speak against any form of injustices directed towards them. For instance, female genital mutilation.

This is a chronic issue affecting the entire world as it has led to increased cases, if infection and painful intercourse sessions hence there is a need for women to stand and fight against such vices. In accordance with Plato’s theory, justice must prevail all times and if it fails people end up taking matters on their hands. Women who are put through the same situation all the time won’t be happy with the same situations and they will opt to rise and seek justice through all means and this will entirely empower them to revolt and fight injustices. Women in the modern world need to absolve Plato’s theory by ensuring justice prevail all the time.

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