Measuring Consumer Satisfaction Level of Arham Motors

Arham Motors was established by Mr. Jayesh shah on 8th August 2013 with an investment of Rs.3,00,000. At that time Arham Motors was dealing with only wheel capes of the car tyres in Ahmedabad. Arham Motors took a bank loan in 2015 and increase their product variety and started adding two cities every year in their customer list. Now Arham Motors is dealing with numerous car products of every car brand and model and in the entire Gujarat covering all the major cities of Gujarat.

And all the product transaction outside Ahmedabad is handled by Mr. Jayesh Shah and business inside Ahmedabad is handled by Mr. Bhavik Patel and MR. Viral Patel.

Arham Motors is dealing with following products majorly:

Arham Motors deals with the following products for all the car brands and models in India.

  • Sony entertainment tools including speakers, amplifiers, audio video receivers
  • Q POX designer Mats
  • Aero stylish Wheel covers for all tyre sizes
  • Soft X Neck pillow, cushion set, seats, steering cover etc.

    including all the comfort regarding accessories

  • Car body wash & Interior wash kit of Vista Car care
  • Galio’s Designer Gra9phics for every car brands and models
  • Spare Parts of every car brands and car model running in India

Major Suppliers of the Company

Arham Motors is having many suppliers of car accessories in Gujarat the major suppliers are as follow:

  •  Jaydeep Plastic (Delhi)
  •  MGT International (Delhi)
  •  Autowing (Delhi)
  •  Softex (Rajkot)
  •  KM Auto Industry (Delhi)
  •  For N Enterprise (Ahmedabad)

Customer Network of the Company:

Arham Motors is having majorly business transaction as a seller in Ahmedabad, Palanpur, Himmatnagar, Mehsana and Jamnagar.

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Except for that Arham Motors also provides products in Aanand, Nadiad, Patan, Ghandhinagar, Vijapur, Modasa, Morbi, Junagarh, Veraval, Bhuj, Ghandhidham, Anjar, Ghodhra etc.

SWOT Analysis

The analytical technique of SWOT analysis helps companies to determine and define several critical characteristics: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats – SWOT analysis. What makes SWOT analysis particularly powerful is that, with a little thought, it can help companies uncover opportunities that they are well-placed to exploit. Also, through an understanding of the weaknesses of the business, firms can manage and eliminate threats that would otherwise catch them off-guard. Moreover, by comparing one’s performance with that of the competitors using the SWOT analysis framework, companies can begin crafting a strategy that helps distinguish themselves from the competitors and compete successfully in the market.

Literature Review

According to Makanyeza, Makanyeza, Chikazhe, & Chikazhe, in 2017 Service quality is considered as customer’s assessment and satisfaction regarding the services they receive from their organizations. Therefore, success of organization is actually based on the product quality and the satisfaction of their customers with the services provided to them. Service quality and customer satisfaction are considered as two terms that can be used for each other and service quality assures customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Offering personalized service personally is better rather than ensuring the customer to end up with the automated machine. In addition, all the customers are not familiarized with the product and the services. Therefore, providing product training and customer service is important. Helping the customers to understand the working efficiency of the product will help to gain the trust of the organization. When people spend money on purchasing the product it is sure that expectation doubles to understand how the product works. Meeting the expectations of the customer accurately helps to build a responsible image of the company, said by Tweak Your Biz 2017.

On the other hand, managing the customer complaints can play the important role in increasing the customer satisfaction and the loyalty. At some point, every business organization has to deal with the unsatisfied or upset customer. The challenge is to handle such customers and make the customer believe on the service again. Business nowadays needs to positively delight customers if the organization wants to give the customer satisfaction and earn loyalty. It is important to listen carefully to what the customer says and shows the value of their problem and ask a question in caring and concerned manner. Apologize and become a partner with the customer in solving the problem. Take a time to review the issue with the customer and accept the challenge to turn into something constructive (Entrepreneur organization 2017.)

Negotiation with the customers will enable to understand more deeply results infeasible requirements. Having mutual co-operation as well as the trust between customers and suppliers, suggestions from the customer’s contentment. Additionally, when it comes to the customer satisfaction all the factors should be considered such as the price of the product, the quality of the product, what varieties of the products are available in the store. Some of the few dimensions of customer satisfaction measurement are the quality of service, the speed of service, pricing, complaints or problems, trust in employees, the closeness of the relationship with contacts in a firm, types of other services needed, recognizing the position in the client’s mind. (National Business Research Institute 2017.)

Generally, price, quality, reliability, empathy, responsiveness are the main factors that influence the customer satisfaction and loyalty. Some of the detail factors that influence customer satisfaction and loyalty are discussed separately below. Narrated by I research services. 2017.

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