Statistics and Characteristics of Marriage

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Marriage is the process by which two people make their relationship public, official, and permanent. It is the joining of two individuals with an opposite sex in a bond that is meant to last forever. Marriage is a sacred union between a man and a woman and must be valued with love. No marriage is free of conflict, it always has challenges, often profound ones.

As time goes by, a lot of things happen; personalities change, bodies’ age, and the couple’s love for each other might decrease or increase. But these still depends on how the couple will manage, handle and endure all the conflicts and challenges that comes into their lives but all these conflicts and challenges may result into having a divorce because it is only one of the couple’s option to solve the problems that they`ve been encountering.

As of 2003, it was recorded that 4 out of 25 marriages in the Philippines end up in Legal Separation. Other couples decide not to legalize their separation simply because they cannot afford it. This is one of the many reasons why many politicians are pro divorce. Divorce is a legal action between married people to terminate their marriage relationship. It can also be referred as the legal dissolution of a marriage by court or other competent bodies (Oxford, nd.).

Divorce has become one of the major issues in our society for how many years already.

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Present situations here in our country firmly demands it. There are many couples with unsuccessful and unhappy marriages, battered wives, and the children of separated couples. We cannot always say that marriage is always blissful, because every couple experiences ups and downs. Many people are saying that divorce is devastating, little did they know that divorce helps or gives people a fresh start to having better lives. Well, some divorce might be hard to accept but it`s just a matter of giving yourself an ample amount of time to fully accept things because that`s just how it is  because if you chose to live in a marriage where there is no love, respect, friendship, trust, and compatibility then it`s like you`re choosing to live a life without hope. What is the sense of living with someone whom you thought you`ll spend the rest of your life with when it is actually making you miserable?

Other than the Vatican City, Philippines is the only nation that does not allow or outlaws divorce because the Church is against it and the Philippines is known as a strong Christian country, with over 80 percent of its population as Roman Catholics. The country has been kept in the dark mainly because of the stand of the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines that are against divorce. Although the Church is against Divorce, it should still be legalized in the Philippines.

Divorce was once argue against the bill on moral grounds. The Catholic Church should not worry, the institutions of marriage and the family has survived to this day, as they will survive a Philippine divorce law. We are a secular state, meaning to say there is no religious group that has the right to define law or policy for the entire population, because it is not the religion that binds us but the constitution. The law should only give people a choice, to be exercised according to their personal beliefs. Our Catholic orientation has been a dominant factor in exercising our democracy. Divorce should be implemented and something we should adopt here in our country. Spain is the root of Christianity yet divorce had been implemented, and many people are benefiting from it.

Falling into wrong decisions actually happens, it is inevitable, but this should not be a hindrance on letting someone escape from a bad marriage and open new doors to be happy again. If divorce will be legalized in our country, then people with unsuccessful marriage would be given a chance to escape from a marriage that isn`t working anymore.

The increasing rate of battered wives in the Philippines is escalating quickly. Based on the National Demographic and Health Survey conducted by the National Statistics Office, one out of five women aged 15-49 has experienced physical violence and 14.4 percent of married women have experienced physical abuse from their husbands. On the other hand, a sad marriage is just as bad as an abusive one.

The most common violence against women in Philippines is the intimate partner violence and the married woman the Philippines can`t find their way out. According to the Annual Comparative Statistics on violence against women from 2004 to 2011, battered wife ranked highest at 49% of all forms of violence and abuse against women.

According to the Philippine`s Solicitor General`s office, there were 9,117 petitions for annulment filed in 2010, 61 percent of which were filed by women. Most of the time the ones who are pushing for the divorce bill in Congress are women. All over the world there is a big percentage of women who are filing for a divorce because in most failed marriages, it is the women who suffer more  they are commonly the victims of abuse and violence which is closely linked with the unequal power of men and women. Many women suffer in silence or has this so-called culture of silence. Wherein they are confined in a hopeless situation because they cannot speak out of what truly is happening in their personal lives.

Extreme poverty, lack of education, financial problems, and prolonged separation in the case of couples where one or both are working abroad, and other social ills and issues are just some of the conflicts and challenges that the couples in the Philippines are facing that puts so much pressure and hardship in their marriage.

The escalating numbers of Filipinos working abroad who chooses to leave their spouse and children behind in order for them to have a better future, has resulted into broken families – wherein the spouse that was left behind has committed adultery, and their children grow without the proper guidance of their parents, the same goes to the spouse who is working abroad, who then gets to meet another man or woman, married or unmarried, with whom he or she can share his or her loneliness.

Adultery, as we all know, is not only limited to spouses whose partner is abroad. Even those who earn enough for both spouses to remain in the country also experiences infidelity of spouse. Many men maintain mistresses mainly because of the availability of young women willing to do something sexually without the benefit of marriage just to escape poverty because some get paid for doing it.

Those that were mentioned are one of the many reasons why divorce should be legalized in the Philippines. Couples remain living together due to minimal laws that would allow them to be legally and properly part ways. It would be best for couples with unsuccessful marriage to part ways rather than to live together and experience violence and any issues that may result to traumatizing their innocent children. Many couples are trapped in a marital commitment where in what they constantly do is just quarreling in front of their children who then grows up with a confused and a violent environment. Divorce might be the best solution to these problems. It aims to provide protection to wives and their children who have been experiencing violence among their husbands. It can save someone from infidelity and living a miserable life. Common misconception is that divorce is said to destroy the foundation of the family, but it does not.

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