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The following sample essay on ” Marketing”. Reflections on a marketing report. Its impact on the employee.

Introduction: this is the reflection task from my first six weeks. I will be reflecting on marketing report in this reflection.

Describe: we had to write a report on marketing, we were assigned a group of 5 with 5 advertising strategies running in UAE. The work was divided among all the group members each one of us had to chose 1 image and write about the advantage and disadvantage of UAE using that advertising strategy.

Analyse: It was an exciting task as the work was divided so I had less pressure of work I felt relaxed because I had a supportive group mates so if I had any difficulty my group mates could help me and solve the problem. I was assigned for social media advertisement it was an online research work it was the easiest work out of all the other assignments, so it went quite well.

My reaction to this activity was very calm as I like doing more of group works than individual work and the research work given to me was the easiest, I was very overwhelmed. However, first I assumed it to be hard as making a report sounds hard although I have a lot of interest and knowledge in marketing, so it was easy for me.

Theorise: The most interesting part was we had to write about how we felt as working in a group so everyone could write their point of views about how they felt as working together.

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However, it was better than my previous task as working with a group of people who are supportive and helpful is really important. The basic concept of research work was needed in the report and good decision making is required and effective management is required, and we have to reduce waste time and make sure to submit before deadline. Therefore, these were the skills I have developed from this task and will help me in my future assignments as well and the information I have learned can be used for my knowledge in my undergraduate programs.

Act : Writing a report has taught me a lot, I have learned about different ways of advertisement and which advertising is the most effective one and is seen by much wider population. How it helps in increasing the sales and expansion of the business. about in such situations I will try to manage my time and make sure I gather all the information and work from all the group members and give it to the group leader and submit them before the deadline. However, time management is really important in group projects as there are many lazy members or some might disagree with their work given to them. I would rather do an individual work than a group work since there is a lot of disagreement and could lead to fights at times some may not like the idea of the topic or many more so doing an individual work is something I would prefer.

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