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Mariyam Shafra Essay

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Avid College

Diploma in Primary Teaching

Teaching Mathematics

1143040386000Assignment: Report on the effects of quality instruction on students

Student Name: Mariyam Shafra

Student ID: 6422

Lecturer: Aminath Sofra Faiz

Date Assigned: 6th December 2018

Due Date: 30th January 2019


In this assignment we will be focusing on an activity that has been planned for one math lesson. In that we will describe how the activity will be carried out. Moreover the chosen strategy also will be discussed with its benefits and drawbacks. And will be discussing on the importance of using different strategies for better and effective learning for the students. Through this assignment we will be able to learn the importance of a well planned teaching practice while we enter into class and what are the main key points we should be focusing on.


Week 02/ Unit-1 /


Teaching and Learning sequence

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Strand: 1 Numbers (N) Sub strand: Number Concept (N1)

Outcome: N1.1 Recognise the value of numbers up to 6-digits (999999). Focused indicator:

a. Uses the vocabulary of comparing and ordering numbers, including symbols such as , ?, ? and =.

b. Partitions 6-digit numbers in different ways, including into multiples of 100000, 10000, 1000, 100, 10 and 1.

c. Writes numbers presented orally up to 999,999 in figures.

d. Reads, writes and says number up to 6-digits in figures and words.

e. Records numbers up to five digits using expanded notation. (Eg: 701428 = 700000 + 1000 + 400 + 20 + 8)

f. Recognises that the position of a digit gives its value, in relation to 6-digit numbers and knows what each digit represents.

Prior knowledge: : problem solving, reasoning and proving, reflecting, selecting tools and computational strategies, connecting, representing, and communicating Working Scientifically: –

Key competencies: Thinking critically and creatively. Shared Values : Values relating to self

Learning intention: Reads, writes and says number up to 6-digits in figures and words.

Success criteria: I will be success if can be able to Writes numbers up to 999,999 in figures.

Identify largest and smallest 6 digit numbers.

Records numbers up to five digits using expanded notation.

Set induction:

Ask questions

Brainstorm the students by asking about their prior knowledge about numbers

Main body

Share the success criteria and learning intention with the students.

Dividing the class into 4 groups. Giving each group a part of lesson that they are supposed to learn. Jigsaw Method

Do activity-1.

Doing the exercise N1.1 on page 6 and 7.


Check whether the success criteria and the learning intention is achieved.

Let the students show their work to the teacher.





Ex. book Assessment

Link with other key learning areas

Teaching Method and How it was applied in the classroom

Jigsaw Method

The jigsaw system is a technique for sorting out study hall action that makes understudies subject to one another to succeed. It breaks classes into gatherings and breaks assignments into pieces that the gathering amasses to finish the (jigsaw) confuse. The procedure parts classes into blended gatherings to deal with little issues that the gathering orders into a last outcome.[1] For instance, an in-class task is separated into subjects. Understudies are then part into gatherings with one part relegated to every point. Working independently, every understudy finds out about his or her subject and introduces it to their gathering. Next, understudies accumulate into gatherings separated by theme. Every part displays again to the theme gathering. In same-subject gatherings, understudies accommodate perspectives and blend data. They make a last report. At last, the first gatherings reconvene and tune in to introductions from every part. The last introductions furnish all gathering individuals with their very own comprehension material, just as the discoveries that have risen up out of subject explicit gathering exchange.

Divide students into 5- or 6-person jigsaw groups.

Divide the day’s lesson into 5-6 segments.

Give students time to read over their segment at least twice and become familiar with it.

Bring the students back into their jigsaw groups.

Float from group to group, observing the process.

The Jigsaw strategy is an agreeable learning method in which understudies work in little gatherings. Jigsaw can be utilized in an assortment of ways for an assortment of objectives, yet it is basically utilized for the procurement and introduction of new material, audit, or educated discussion.

Jigsaw learning makes it workable for understudies to be acquainted with material but bear an abnormal state of moral duty. It creates collaboration and agreeable learning aptitudes inside all understudies and a profundity of information impractical if the understudies gain proficiency with the majority of the material on them possess. At long last, since understudies should report their own discoveries to the home gathering in jigsaw learning, it regularly unveils an understudy’s own comprehension of an idea just as uncover any errors.

Jigsaw is said to have the capacity to build understudies’ learning since “an) it is less compromising for some understudies, b) it expands the measure of understudy interest in the homeroom, c) it lessens the requirement for aggressiveness and d) it decreases the instructor’s strength in the study hall” (Longman Word reference, 1998). Subsequently, jigsaw technique can effectively lessen understudies’ hesitance to take part in the homeroom exercises and help make a functioning student focused environment

Educator’s Job in the Jigsaw In a jigsaw homeroom: the instructor composes practice and open exercises, yet this does not mean leaving the understudies to become familiar with without anyone else. Rather the educator should attempt to enable the understudies to assume more noteworthy responsibility for their learning by winding up effectively included. The essential job of the instructor is to pick learning material, structure the gatherings, clarify the helpful idea of gathering work, give a domain helpful for this kind of work, screen bunch work and help understudies in working with the material. “The instructor needs to glide from gathering to aggregate so as to watch the procedure. Mediate if any gathering is experiencing difficulty, for example, a part being overwhelming or problematic. There will come a point that the gathering chief should deal with this undertaking. Instructors can murmur to the gathering head concerning how to mediate until the gathering chief can successfully do it without anyone else’s help”.

Gathering Understudies Contrastingly As indicated by Language Capability and Identity: A greater part of the understudies (82%) in jigsaw wanted to be assembled by their language capability and identity (see Thing C (1) in the Survey) since they could adapt the same amount of, if not more, from their friend “educators”; By understudies moving around, the gathering changed, yet more essentially understudies could work with various individuals and learn bunch work aptitudes notwithstanding language abilities. Unmistakably, language levels and identity contrasts, particularly the previous, will decide the most proper route for educators to inspire understudies and for understudies to achieve their errands of jigsaw.

Commendation and compliments are fundamental in jigsaw to rouse understudies’ confidence and fearlessness. At the point when given praise and compliments in the wake of completing the jigsaw action, 84% of the understudies (in Thing B (2) of the Survey) appeared to be genuinely content. Being empowered, understudies will pick up a more noteworthy feeling of fulfillment, confidence and fearlessness amid the entire procedure of jigsaw exercises. As confidence and fearlessness are of substance for the achievement of the exercises in the jigsaw study hall, acclaim and compliments ought to dependably be given both toward the start and toward the finish of every member’s execution. Just thusly can understudies’ eagerness, confidence and fearlessness be upgraded.Benefits of jigsaw Method:

a. Positive relationship Each gathering part’s endeavors are required and crucial for the gathering achievement. Each gathering part needs to make one of a kind commitments to the joint exertion.

b. Eye to eye promotive collaboration Gathering individuals need to orally disclose how to take care of issues, show one’s information to other people, check for comprehension, examine ideas being found out and partner the present learning with the previous one.

c. Individual and gathering responsibility The measure of the gathering ought to be kept little, for the littler the span of the gathering is, the more prominent the individual responsibility might be. The instructor is relied upon to give an individual test to every understudy, arbitrarily look at understudies by requesting that one understudy present his or her gathering’s work orally to the educator (within the sight of the gathering) or to the whole class, watch each gathering and record the recurrence with which every part adds to the gathering’s work, designate one understudy in each gathering as the pioneer, who is in charge of requesting that other gathering individuals clarify the justification hidden the gathering answers, and screen understudies to encourage what they’ve figured out how to the others.

d. Relational aptitudes Social abilities are a need for the accomplishment of jigsaw learning in class. Social aptitudes incorporate administration, basic leadership, trust-building, correspondence, peace making abilities, etc.

e. Gathering preparing Gathering individuals examine how well they are accomplishing their objectives and keeping up compelling working connections, depict what part activities are useful and what are not, and settle on choices about what practices to proceed or change.Jigsaw learning makes it feasible for understudies to be acquainted with material but then bear an abnormal state of moral duty. It creates collaboration and agreeable learning aptitudes inside all understudies and a profundity of information impractical if the understudies become familiar with the majority of the material on them claim. At last, since understudies should report their very own discoveries to the home gathering in jigsaw learning, it frequently uncovers an understudy’s own comprehension of an idea just as uncover any mistaken assumptions.


From this task we got a thought of how to apply encouraging systems in a homeroom can be powerful and valuable for the children learning. In any case, this does not suggest that all study hall exercises ought to be completed in gatherings. Or maybe what is worried here is that bunch exercises ought to be a normal and critical piece of study hall. Executing jigsaw technique in the homeroom makes it conceivable to concentrate on language students, and in this manner language learning turns out to be more related than free and understudies’ hesitance and nervousness to take an interest in the study hall exercises is enormously diminished.



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This sample essay is completed by Harper, a Social Sciences student. She studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. All the content of this paper is just her opinion on Mariyam Shafra and should not be seen as the way of presenting the arguments.

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