Marilyn Monroe's Role in the 'Dumb Blonde' Roles

Blonde!I The first words that come to mind are dumb. ditsy. or even snobby. In today’s society. blondes are discriminated against just because of their hair color. There are blonde jokes or even rude blonde statements such as. You’re so blonde meaning that that person is so dumb or stupid.

But there are also the blondes that have become so successful over the years and even centuries that they aren’t even worthy of being called dumb or stupid. Great examples would be Marilyn Monroe and Madonna. Marilyn Monroe was usually cast in the “dumb blonde roles.” In all her film roles. from Niagara to The Misfits (1961). Monroe portrayed an object of desire and exhibition. Her basic character grew out of the dumb blonde archetype but Monroe’s dumb blonde could not be pinned down to any particular origin or social class. She was defined only by what was shown on the screen with neither a previous history nor seemingly a future.

Frequently her characters were nameless further accentuating her status as an object, She usually had no discernable lob and when she did. it was a female-relegated profession such as chorus girl. actress or secretary. 1956 she formed Marilyn Monroe Productions and produced and starred in Bus Stop. Some Like it Hot showcased her comedic talent. starring alongside Jack Lemmon. Marilyn Monroe is a great example of a blonde and though she portrayed the look as a dumb blonde. she really wasnt. She was a very successful blonde that went a long way.

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Another good example from todays time would be Madonna, In high school, Madonna was a cheerleader and straight-A student. She fell in love with dance and sometimes spent up to five hours a day taking dance classes and working out. Upon graduation, she won a dance scholarship to the University Of Michigan.

Finding the academic atmosphere stifling after a year of college Madonna set off for New York City in 1977 with just $35 and her suitcase of leotards and toe shoes. Before long she had earned a spot With the AIVIn Ailey Dance Troupe and. for a while worked as an assistant to a modern dance choreographer Pearl Lange. After struggling for several years in the dance world she began to broaden her artistic horizons. She turned her energies to music and the rest is a historical and legendary work in progress. To most people Madonna is no dumb blonde. Marilyn Monroe and Madonna are both beautiful idle blondes that many people look up to. They are both idols of our time and one is still going strong. In the future more dumb blonds will come in and out of this world and more and more will defy the saying dumb blond.

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