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Many people question why it is important to learn Shakespeare Essay

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Many people question why it is important to learn Shakespeare. The reason why is to learn about the themes and messages that he conveys in his plays that are also in real life. A few of them include greediness, betrayal and love which can all be found in Shakespeare. King Claudius in Hamlet is greedy as he kills the old monarch so he can be the new king. Betrayal as King is the brother of the old king yet jet still kills him. Love as King Claudius shows love to Gertrude. Hamlet also shows another kind of love to his mother Gertrude. This is why we need to study Shakespeare.

A theme Shakespeare relates to is greediness. An example King Claudius in Hamlet. He is extremely greedy as he murders his brother. Hamlet to be king. Back in those times it was illegal to do that. He even will kill other people such as Hamlet who know he did the murder, who pose a threat to him just for him to stay as king and he will conspire the darkest plans to do so such as the rigged fencing match between Hamlet and Laerties. Because of this he kills many people who were also innocent dies too such as Gueen Gertrude who drank from a poisoned cup that was meant to be for Hamlet. Thankfully he dies at the end to Hamlet as Claudius ruling the kingdom will not end well. This is how greediness is portrayed in Shakespeare.

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Another theme Shakespeare communicates is betrayal. In Shakespearean times, it was common for betrayal although it is illegal because of the stages of life which is you stay the role you were born with. You cannot do anything else to become anything else. Kings would murder kings and brothers will murder brothers. For example, Claudius murders the first Hamlet so he can be King although they are brothers. This is illegal as Claudius is born not to be a king yet he still murders to be king. Hamlets friends also betray Hamlet as they are the ones who carries out his death orders. Ophelia also betrays Hamlet because she spies on his to see what is wrong with him. Claudius also kills Hamlet without him knowing showing how betrayal is shown n Shakespeare.

There is love in Hamlet. For example, Gertrude loves Claudius and Hamlet loves his girlfriend Ophelia. Gertrude shows little love to Hamlet despite being his mother and Hamlet shows no love to his uncle Claudius. However, all these love relationships change throughout the play. There are two types of love shown in Hamlet the family relationship and the love relationship. The family relationship used to be between Hamlet and his mother Gertrude. Hamlet no longer loves her as he feels as she has betrayed him and his father by marring Claudius. A love relationship is between Hamlet and Ophelia. Gertrude and Claudius is both. This is how the theme of love is in Shakespeare.

There are many themes that Shakespeare communicates through his writing. One is greediness as King Claudius is a good example. He murders the old king so he can be the new king. Shakespeare also communicates betrayal in his works. An example is how Claudius betrayed his brother by killing him. Shakespeare also communicates love in Hamlet for example Claudius loves Gertrude and Hamlet loves Ophelia. Hamlet also used to love Gertrude as in family love. This is why learning what Shakespeare conveys in his texts are important.

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