Many People Like Vulgar and Crude Humor

Disinhibition can be understood as communicating to others without any social inhibitions or filters due a lack of consideration to the consequences. Disinhibition tends to typically occur in the virtual world of the internet rather than in face to face interactions. Disinhibition is a common occurrence that most of us have experienced. Many of us have said things on the internet that we normally wouldn’t have said to others in person.

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I have often disinhibited myself on the internet but not in a good way.

I often play video games online with my friends in which case we play with other people that have a microphone and are thus able to talk to us. Often when I play games in this online setting I tend to use very crude and provocative language that I normally wouldn’t use in person. When I do this its either to bring about humor through very vulgar and crude jokes or its provoke other people.

When I exhibit this type of behavior, it’s not to promote hate but rather it’s to amuse myself. I find very crude and dark humor to be funny, but in the real world I feel as if though I can’t express this humor especially in a public setting, as people may find my humor offensive.

Even though I enjoy vulgar and very crude humor I try to avoid very hateful behavior on the internet. At times I do satirize hateful behavior, not to promote it, but rather to laugh about ridiculousness of that behavior.

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I have however displayed a few times some rather malicious behavior that I have come to regret.

For example: one time I was playing a zombie game “Killing Floor 2” with a few other strangers that had queued up with me in a match. During the game I was cornered and killed by zombies, so I had to wait until the next wave in order to respawn. One of the players in our game was a twitch streamer; so as I waited for the next round to start, I checked his twitch account to see if he was streaming. Turns out that he was and because I had died during the game, he had made some very rude comments about me during his stream. In retrospect I know that I probably should have let his comments go, but my emotions had gotten the best of me at the time, and I offered insults back to him. I know that what I had said to him was more hurtful to him than what he had said to me as I was more personal with my insults, commenting on his physical appearance. Looking back on my actions I do regret what my behavior; but because of this interaction, I have learned to be less malicious when it comes to interactions in the online world.

I tend to only disinhibit myself in the online gaming setting, because my identity remains anonymous in this setting. I don’t ever disinhibit myself on social media because my identity isn’t anonymous in this setting. I think if my identity was anonymous on social media however, that I still wouldn’t behave different and that’s because I have a lot of respect for all my friends that I keep on my social media.

Some of the people on my social media I do not know that well, yet when I see their faces, there is a humanizing effect in which I dare not to disrespect them in any manner. Yet I don’t even emotionally open up in any setting online and I think this is because I have friends that I can open up about situations that are happening in my life.

This leads me to ask the following questions:

  • Do people that emotionally open up on social media or anonymously on other online platforms lack people in their lives that they can open to?
  • What are the reasons for malicious disinhibition?
  • Is there any benefit for bad online behavior such as stress relief?
  • Is there anything we should do about online disinhibition?
  • What factors make the internet a desirable medium for disinhibition?

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Many People Like Vulgar and Crude Humor
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