Manatee sea cow General facts Lives in water up to 5m deep Grows up

Manatee (sea cow):

General facts:

Lives in water up to 5m deep

Grows up to 4m long


When resting underwater, manatees can stay submerged for up to 20 minutes before needing to breath at the surface.

Deep sea anglerfish:

General facts:

Usually found 1000 metres below surface.

Up to one metre long.


It has a luminescent lure which attracts fish towards it so it doesn’t have to go hunting in the dark

Another adaption of the deep sea anglerfish is the fact that it doesn’t have a swim bladder just a cartilage skeleton this means it can maintain buoyancy without having to regulate gas in the swim bladder.

The anglers mating ritual is very peculiar. The Male angler, much is smaller than the female as a sensory organ just above his mouth which he uses to detect the female. As finding a mate it’s very hard for the anglerfish when he has found a mate he latches on to her and they become connected for life.

The female provides the male with blood circulation and nutrition, in return for a constant supply of sperm.

Sperm whales:

General facts:

Sperm whales usually eat a little over 900KG of food per day. To find their prey (preferably giant squid), they dive somewhere between 300 and 1200 metres, though they can go as deep as 2 kilometres on the hunt. The average dive time is about an hour.


Sperm Wales can with stand pressure because their bodies are more flexible and the ribs are bound by loose bendable cartilage, which allows the rib cage to collapse to some degree under high pressure they would easily snap humans bones.

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Or Wales lungs can also collapse safely under pressure, which helps them from rupturing, when the lungs collapsed the air inside them is compressed, maintaining a balance between inward and outward pressure . These adoptions particular particularly important to sperm whales which dive to depths of 25200m

Pelican eel:

General facts:

Pelican eels like to live in warm waters.

The Pelican eel is widely known for its very large mouth which is much larger than its body. The mouth is loosely hinged comma and can be opened wide enough to swallow fish much larger than the eel itself.


The gulper eel has a bioluminance at the end of its tail. Night deep down in the ocean where it is very dark. It is also thought they used this to attract prey as well as attract mates. The adoption has also helped the Gulper eel to survive at extreme depths. The gulper eel doesn’t have swim bladders or scales they don’t have pelvic fins either.

Cookie cutter shark:

General facts:

The cookie cutter shark has a glowing underside thanks to luminous spots called photophores which emit green light. This can act as a lure during fish towards the predator


This creature has strong bones so that they are not crushed due to the pressure.

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