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Feelings and Thoughts……………………………………………….

Evaluation and Analysis………………………………………………

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Gibbs’ Reflection Model Conclusion……………………………….


Future action…………………………………………………………….



The purpose of this report is to reflect and analyse on the module Managing Enterprise in the 21st Century and how this helped me to develop some skills.

In first term, for the module Managing Enterprise in the 21st Century we were asked by the lecturer to present a propose business by using power point presentation. The lecturer made teams of 4-5 people and gave us a business plan that we had to follow. Our team was formed of 4 people and we had about 10 weeks to finish our project. The lecturer presented us the business plan and instruct us so we can finish in time. The lecturer explained us properly what we need in order to start working on the project, we had to think to a proposed business.

For this reflective report I will use Gibbs’ Reflection Model which is going to help me to go through all the experience during the project. This reflection model has five stages; Description, Feelings and thoughts, Evaluation & Analysis, Conclusion and Future Action.

Gibbs’ Reflection Model


As a student in the University of Wales Trinity St. David studying for the Certificate in Higher Education for the module Managing Enterprise in the 21st Century, the lecturer asked me to write a reflective report of 2000 words. In this report I will discuss about all the steps that we had to follow to complete our power point presentation.

Our team was formed of five people at the beginning: Me, Adelina, Stefan, Ioan and Andrei. The first think that we had to do was to follow the business plan that our lecturer gave us.

The business plan is a document that show you a full description of your future organization (R. Barnett, 1997)

Our written business plan contained following steps:

• Introduction

• Aim and Objective

• Company Description, Mission and Vision

• Management Process Marketing

• Management Process Finance

• Management Process Administration

• Swot Analysis

• Pestle Analysis

• Conclusion

At first we had to choose the team leader, we chose Andrei because he had a very good communication skills, experience in business and no fear to speak in public. Then we had to think of a proposed business.

The proposed business it was about “Car Rental” & “Car Leasing” because two members of our team had a lot of knowledge and experience about it. The name for our propose business was ARIS, formed from our names. Then we had to do the introduction, everyone did research and then we discussed and chose the one that fit better for the business. The lecturer was very helpful and gave us some ideas. After that we had to do the description, mission and vision of the company, again we did a lot of research and had group discussion and we have made a what’s up group so we can share all the information when we are at home.

Thinks started to be a bit more complicated and we decided to divide the steps according to everyone knowledge. I was in charge with the Marketing process management because I had knowledge about it. Then Andrei the group leader was in charge with the introduction, mission, description, vision and conclusion. Everyone helped and come up with ideas and chose the relevant one. My part was to talk about marketing process. Because I had some experience, I thought it will be easy. But I realise it was not like that. I had to come up with a market strategy for the company, to take in consideration the competition and make a graphic that it will show us with who we will compete, to see the market needs and to see the sales target and objective. I had to do a lot of research, but my team supported me and all of us helped each other. Then Adelina had experience with accounting and her part was the Management process finance. Then Ioan supposed to talk about management process administration but, after the 3rd week he did not come anymore so we had to cover for him as well. We decided to divide his part and Adelina took over the management process and presented. The last part was for Stefan he had to talk about SWOT analysis and PESTLE analysis. The SWOT analysis it was a very important stage for the business plan because in this way we could see all the good and bad parts for opening a business.

These were our SWOT analysis for our propose business and with this we could see if the propose business it is going to succeed. This was a very hard project, we had to do a lot of research, meeting after school and during the week also. We learned to work and communicate very effectively because the communication helped us to maintain an effective work and avoid the chaos (Jones, 2016)

During this project I have learned and gain a lot of skills that are essential for my career and personal life as well. I have improved my digital skills, communication skills, how to be an effective team worker and how to speak in public.

Feelings and Thoughts

Initially when our lecturer said that we had to do a power point presentation with a propose business I was scared and so confused because I did not have knowledge about it. I was thinking that I am not going to complete the task because it looked so difficult. All my feelings were associated with my lack of knowledge. During the next week the lecturer started to explain us more and gave us more information about the project. My feelings changed and thinks were more understandable. Our team was formed of five and then four people as I mentioned above. One person from the team had more experience with the project and suggested us some ideas for propose business. My feelings now were different because we started to work all as a team and do research and share information. I was feeling motivated, determined and enthusiastic of completing the business plan. We had an initial meeting and decided on what type of business we will present. We constantly meet to discuss our progress on our work. But sometimes there was a little bit of tensioned moments because at one point we had different ideas and I felt stressed and thinking that we will not finish on time. But our leader group solved the problem between us and we started to think clearly again. Working together we become an effective team work, because communication it is an essential part of everyday life (William James 2017) and was the only way to succeed with our proposed business.

Evaluation and Analysis

Participating at this project I understood the importance of a business plan and I develop a set of skills that it will help me in my future career and not only, maybe I can start my own business after graduation. I have appreciated the idea of working with my colleagues to complete the task and with this becoming an effective team worker. I also develop my communication and digital skills with the lecturer and my teams help. This is very good for me because now I know how to do a power point presentation and communicate in effective manner. I must admit that I manage to improve my public speaking fear by doing presentation with my team twice a week before the final presentation. It was a great experience because I have learned a lot of important thinks and develop myself. Learning about the business plan, power point presentation and team work made me be an open mind, express myself better and gain more knowledge in how we can manage and enterprise a business in the 21st century.

Conclusion (Gibbs’ Reflection Model)

The Gibbs’ reflection model allowed me to evaluate all the experience of my business plan project. These five stages helped me to identify all the skills that I have acquired and the process of our team work. The first stage helped me to describe how the project started and how we formed the team. Then next stage I expressed my feelings and thoughts about the project. In the next one I have done the analysis and evaluation of the entire experience during this project and all the good thinks that I have learned. The entire process helped me to understand all the good parts and what else we could have done better for personal development.


This reflective report tried to review every think that I have learned in this first year of studies at the University St. David. This module helped me to gain more knowledge and allow me to see my weaknesses and strengths and how to overcome and develop them.

It reflected upon my expectation and what the lecturer taught us, skills that I developed, improved my digital skills and how to manage and enterprise a business in this century. Because technology can adopt the entire business and handle their complexity by using the new implementation (Anderson and Jiang, 2018). This first year gave me a good base in order to succeed in University, but every think that I have learned need to be improved in order to graduate.

Future Action

Writing this reflective report helped me to improve my ability to be reflective and understand why it is important to reflect on a past event. Reflection helped me to understand my weaknesses and strengths, to develop my communication skill, to be an effective team work, to do research and share information and in order to succeed in presenting a propose business you need to follow a business plan. Learning about all this it was a great experience and I think that if I will have to do it again I will focus more on having confident personality. Because I believe that I need to represent my ideas positively and confidently and have no fear to speak in public.


Barnett, R. (1997) Higher Education: a critical business. Buckingham: SRHE and Open University

Andrew Maund, Michaela Schriek and Paul k. Tinkler (Certificate in Higher Education: Skills for the Workplace Student Yearbook)

Anderson, M. and Jiang, J., 2018. Teens, social media & technology 2018. Washington, DC: Pew Internet & American Life Project. Retrieved June,3. P. 2018.

Jones, P. (2016). Communicating strategy. London, UK: Routledge.

About the author

This sample is done by Scarlett with a major in Economics at Northwestern University. All the content of this paper reflects her knowledge and her perspective on MANAGING ENTERPRISE IN and should not be considered as the only possible point of view or way of presenting the arguments.

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