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Michelle Guardado The College of Health Care Professions. Medical malpractice suits happen when Health care professionals cause the death of a patient, are negligent or causes the patient an injury. In a medical malpractice lawsuit, the doctor or physician knew that there was an error and failed to use proper standards of care. Usually, they’re not done purposely by the health care workers, but they know they could’ve been prevented. Even though they shouldn’t be medical malpractice suits are very common.

About 200,000 people die each year from medical malpractice, some surgical procedures, and wrong test diagnosis. On April 7, 2019, Derrick Nelson, a high school principal died after getting a surgery that would help a 14-year-old cancer patient with bone marrow. He was also a father of a 5-year-old little girl, a fiance, and a U.S Army veteran.

Sheronda Braker, Derrick Nelson’s soon to be wife filed a lawsuit of malpractice against the anesthesiologist that was assigned to the procedure.

Sheronda’s lawsuit claims that the doctors treating him were negligent and caused his death. Negligence in anesthetics is due to failure in properly giving the patient the right intubation causing brain damage and not giving enough oxygen to the patient. Derrick Nelson had sleep apnea, a condition in which people stop breathing when they’re sleeping. He was also overweight. These two are factors that make patients be at high risk for procedures that include being under anesthesia. Derrick Nelson’s doctors should’ve reconsidered MALPRACTICE ASSIGNMENT RESEARCH  having him do the procedure.

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Overlooking these factors proved that everyone on the medical team committed a negligence act. Sheronda had every right to file a case.

While under anesthesia Derrick had low levels of oxygen saturation. The anesthesiologist continued to give him anesthesia even though he was showing signs of low oxygen levels. He also failed to provide him with extra oxygen. He let Derrick Nelson’s level of oxygen saturation continue to drop, causing his heart rate to drop. Derrick then developed Hypoxemia due to the low levels of oxygen in his blood. According to The Incidence of Hypoxemia during Surgery, “Hypoxemia is recognized as one of the most serious risks patients face during anesthesia and surgical care”. Hypoxemia was the major cause of death for Derrick. Dr. Derrick Nelson went into a comatose from suffering Hypoxia brain injury for several weeks until he couldn’t fight more.

Had the anesthesiologist paid more attention to Derrick’s level he would’ve still been here today. Had he and the other doctors given him more oxygen when they placed the mask on him would definitely have saved his life, but they failed to do that too. The reason why the anesthesiologist took so long to recognize Derrick Nelson’s symptoms is still unknown. Jerry Baratta had 30 years of experience as an anesthesiologist but didn’t show it when it came to this procedure. He is being sued by Sheronda Braker for negligence and the wrongful death of her fiance. The case will take about two years to be settled. MALPRACTICE ASSIGNMENT RESEARCH  Until then Sheronda, their 5-year-old daughter, Derrick Nelson’s parents will have to wait for the justice they deserved.


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