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Makarionissi or The Island of the Blessed Vea Kaiser Review Paper

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Crystal is of course nonsense. Serious it is, however, to interpret, like scissors falls to the ground – sharp or flat? Also, coffee grounds, hens as crowing roosters, and prematurely withering grass are important omen of future events. Such signs send us the gods and our ancestors out of the sky. You just have to see. But whoever overlooks punished by fate, as in 1918 studied Kaufmann Mr. Kouzis who, instead of fleeing in the face of an exaggerated disaster signals (a calf with two heads! a bird without wings!) as his wife and his little daughter Maria, in threatened by the Turks city remained and paid for his arrogance with his life.

of Maria Kouzis is convinced as well as of their gift, the messages from top to interpret. Many times in her life now long she did not betray her if a young couple are happy together is or. Therefore, they called everyone in Varitsi, their small mountain village Albanian Greek at the border, “Yiayia” (grandmother) – lovingly and with respect

If Mary understood only really . what you wanted to share in a memorable sleepless night of the year 1956, the celestial beings, everything would be all turned out differently. Above all, Eleni and Lefti had never married, and thus would be a whole rat’s tail on migration, new connections and tasks necessary.

Mary’s own marriage was blessed with twin daughters (Despina and Pagona), both even had children , For the only boy among them, however, his grandmother looks shortly after his birth (1945), the chances of later marital bliss dwindle. For 1940/41 drew the war over the land, he was followed by famine and the civil war of 1946. When husbands must take up arms and there is nothing to bite, not many children are brought into the world. How is therefore one day find a woman without having to leave his home village?

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The concern can not rest Mary, especially since the boy is to continue a legacy of power and goods Maria’s grandson Lefti (Despinas son). A solution suits her she knew already, and they might even be realized only with available materials. to direct their twins sent to this track is the slightest problem. Pagona would stop once a daughter get and could then verbandeln with Lefti …

But what the supernatural say this boldly conceived Liaison? Actually brings Pagona 1949 a girl, Eleni, to the world, but it go by seven years of uncertainty until the hereafter reports. 1956 So one night tearing up a dream as always sleepless expectant Maria from her bedstead. Magnificently clad their appear Holy Paraskevi and sets the hands of Eleni (7) and Lefti (11) into one another, while all around tons of sunflower shoot out of the ground. Mary is moved to tears: At last the gods give their blessing

Unfortunately Yiayia Maria has misunderstood the message!. And yet everyone knows what sunflower prophesy for Love: misfortune without hope …

And as predicted, the otherworldly unheard, Eleni very different developed when it expects the family. Freedom is their greatest asset. She would never submit to a man who already equal to not marry and run the kitchen. Romance is her alien. Their favorite companions are philosophical books and tracts left, the communist concept they loved it. Inspired by Grandma’s early stories of Greek gods, she wants to be a “hero” himself, fighting as a virgin “e” the “beasts” of the world.

This gives her politics soon occasion when after military coup in 1967 over spills a new order in the mountain region around Varitsi. The provocative Left Eleni and legitimized by the military and nigelnagelneu uniformed police officers violently fall together. As the prince in the fairy tale succeeds Lefti to free the imprisoned heroine tricky. However, this puts them in a tight spot, and so Lefti receives the long-awaited wedding vows.

In order to escape the repressive dictatorship, the newlyweds emigrated to the Lower Saxony province town of Hildesheim, where Eleni continue revoluzzert ( “Freedom for Greece “), while Foreign Lefti exemplary integrated into the German culture. Their marriage is and remains one born of necessity of convenience. both find love with other partners, and the sails are set, so the odyssey of this novel in the second period even more new ride, take more passengers and can access much larger space. Chicago, St. Poelten, Zurich, and finally (the last third) of a homecoming in the Greek home to the island Makarionissi where some members of the extended family clans build a new life, different from and land to be visited as. At the end we reach the year 2014 and make concluded that the people they all are somehow the same, whether they have been socialized in Lower Saxony, Lower Austria, northern Greece, Zurich or Illinois …

We are experiencing in this also, how much can affect family ties to our times book. For the beautiful aspect is that her story “with literary devices a contemporary image of the family records,” the author of the Foundation

The author Vea 1988 gets late November the Book Prize 2015 Ravensburger Verlag. Kaiser in Lower Austria St. born Poelten, happy readership with a pretty reared, pleasant, amusing and imaginative light reading. Their untamed spinning a yarn and the variety of locations and people always produce new Episödchen, but can not rule out that at some readers still weariness and boredom set. Because the abundance of impressions is offset by the uniformity of the slightly catchy writing style, the flat characterization and the simple chronological structure. Except for Lefti, the – intended or not – is more attention and depth given, none of the many figures stands out particularly. Although there pleasure and pain close together (the author does not engage in window dressing), but the infinite family history flows without terrible blows away like a calm river without striking events or phrases of drama care.

Spices (and education Profit ) brings the original inclusion of figures and motifs from classical Greek mythology (the work of the gods among men, heroism, s …) and Homer’s Odyssey (Kaiser who has studied ancient Greek, the nine chapters called their epic “songs” ), and also the well-researched political and social backgrounds, especially Greece (disputes with Turkey, war, the time of the military junta and the role of women, economic development …) are interesting to read


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