M1 The Characteristic that make a smart entrepreneurIntuitive

M1) The Characteristic that make a smart entrepreneur.

Intuitive. Smart people not only rely on facts, but also follow and follow their own intuition. They know when and how their intuition and insights emerge. They make adjustments internally to make informed decisions. Smart people can clearly see the reasons and motivations of others. Therefore, they can selectively choose when, what, and who they are. They use their intuition in decision making, draw new paths, and work hard with only the highest quality people, programs, and customers.

Reflective. Smart people will review and learn from them. They won’t be trapped in the past, but know they have to look at the mirror to get the front window right. When they look back, they will count what they can learn from experience. They either refine and repeat their past efforts or abolish strategies that obviously don’t work. They spend some time thinking about decisions and then thinking positively to gain a deeper understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

Creative. Smart people will never be satisfied with the progress of their products, themselves or their business. They are attracted by new ideas, radical ideas and innovative ways of changing and doing things. Smart people are eager to plan new paths, eager for progressive thinking, concepts and people. Their natural thinking process is out of the box. They believe that getting out of the comfort zone is critical to their success. Open minded. Smart people welcome different opinions, while most people don’t see opportunities.

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They see thinking as a parachute – the best when turned on. Smart people feel comfortable in contradictory situations and are keen to solve problems and solve problems in new ways. They are willing to develop strategies to understand different aspects of how to solve problems. When they encounter a more effective solution, they will let it go. Resourceful. Smart people know where to get the information, resources, supplies, training and education they need. They have a wealth of resources. Their connections are good and many people need referrals. This resourceful approach makes them successful because they never lose the way to achieve them. Believe in themselves. A smart person who knows who he is is first to believe and trust himself. And they know the importance of trusting others. They don’t need confirmation from others to make a decision. They instinctively know what is right for them, and then they pursue it. They don’t want or wait for change. A state of waiting or lacking is not suitable for their style. They take action and create change. They know that the only people who can rely on them are themselves. Independent. Smart people habitually question authority. They will not blindly accept the so-called expert sermons. They raised deeper questions, but others did not find their truth. Only by discovering their own truth can they verify the ability to implement new strategies

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