Jaspreet Kaur

BUSN 207- 0AB

Professor RuszkowskiSeptember 22, 2019

M02 Final Project: Research


Plan My Gap Year is a volunteer travel organization, which offers experiences across seventeen different countries in Asia, Africa, and South America. The program can span from one to forty weeks.

The purpose of Plan My Gap Year is to create a platform form for those who join to meet like-minded people and engage in community service and volunteer work that is meaningful. This program not only benefits those who are being aided, but the volunteers as well.

Locations span from South America, Asia and the Pacific, as well as Africa. There are mental and physical health projects, English teaching projects, childcare projects, and wildlife conservation projects.

I would be a part of volunteer project, such as the Vietnam NGO Volunteers. In this project, I will be tackling issues that are related to health and human rights. This is related the global studies as it will give me more exposure to south east Asian culture, and their values.

With this project, I will take away a broader understanding of life in developing countries and the various social and professional norms which differ from those in the West.


Title of event: The IEDC Annual Conference, Ethics Workshop.

Website: Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Date(s): October 13- October 16

Organizers (name of company or organization responsible for the event): International Economic Development Council

Cost as a student (if any): Free

Purpose of event: Will focus on real life ethical situations which an economical developer may face.

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In some situations, these decisions can determine one’s chances of failure and success in their professional life.

Expected outcomes of event: Will help to train oneself into a culture of high standards when working in an organization.

Title of event: Boston College Conference: Diversity Challenge

Website: Boston, MA

Date(s): October 25-26

Organizers (name of company or organization responsible for the event): Boston College

Cost as a student (if any): Free

Purpose of event: To address societal conflicts that are associated with race in culture, in education, business, and society as a whole.

Expected outcomes of event: To have a broader understanding of topics pertaining to various cultures and races. This year’s conference focuses on identifying strategies for surviving and resisting hostile racial and cultural environments.

Title of event: AHRI Conference 2019

Website: University of Potsdam, Germany

Date(s): September 5-7

Organizers (name of company or organization responsible for the event): The Human Rights Centre, Association of Human Rights Institutes

Cost as a student (if any): 95 euros.

Purpose of event: The theme of this conference is Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law. This conference will talk about the relevance of these two topics in current times.

Expected outcomes of event: Will discuss developments that are raising the fundamental legal, ethical, and political issues that borderline International Humanitarian Laws and Human Rights.

These first event, The IEDC Annual Conference, will have various economic experts from all across the world, discuss ethical situations that can impact one’s career. This will help further my understanding in how to deal with such issues, and the various cultural backgrounds of the presenters will be beneficial in terms of global studies. The second event, The Diversity Challenge, will help further educate me about various races and cultures and how to help myself, as well as other people of color overcome such challenges. The last event, the AHRI Conference, will aid me in global studies as it will provide insight from several masters in global politics about topics pertaining to ethical and political issues that can impact businesses originating from other countries.


Organization Name: Amnesty International

Founders: Peter BenensonMission/Purpose: To protect those wherever justice, freedom, dignity, and truth are denied.

Location (address): 5 Penn Plaza, 16th floor NEW YORK – NY 10001

Website: of initiatives: Gun violence, Refugee and Migrant Rights, Death Penalty, National Security and Human Rights, Deadly Force and Police Accountability, Gender, Sexuality, and Identity.

Meeting dates & times: Regional Conferences, Country-wide conferences, International Conferences.

Membership fees: No fees

Amnesty International USA encourages people to fight injustice all around the world, while they also work to protect the human rights here in the United States. There are more than a million members and activists in this country. This organization is heavily involved in international issues and has strived to protect those when their own government did not. Due to this, this organization was granted a Nobel Peace prize in 1977. As a member, I would participate in several campaigns that involve any breach in human rights and help bring it to the attention of the government.

Organization Name: Foreign Policy Association

Founders: Paul Underwood Kellogg (Founding Chairman)

Mission/Purpose: “…To serve as a catalyst for developing awareness, understanding, and informed opinion on U.S. foreign policy and global issues.”

Location (address): 551 5th Avenue, Suite 3000, New York, NY 10176

Website: of initiatives: Understanding of international Affairs, Foreign policy processes, foreign policy issues.

Meeting dates & times: Annual conferences. There are one or two events each month.

Membership fees: $250

The Foreign Policy Association conducts annual meeting programs and gives its members access to discussions and debates on critical issues that America currently faces. It is also a part of the World Leadership Forum, in which more than 60 heads of government have participated in for the past 20 years. The Foreign Policy Association’s blogs track development from all countries across the world, in attempts to further educate Americans on global policies. As a member, I will have the opportunity to meet policy makers face to face and hear their views, as well as express mine. I will also be kept updated on current world affairs through their unbiased publications.

Organization Name: AIESEC

Founders: Jean ChoplinMission/Purpose: “The peace and fulfilment of mankind’s potential”

Location (address): 110 Wall St, New York, NY, 10005

Website: of initiatives: Youth4GlobalGoals, InteGREAT, Professional Internships, Volunteer Program, Startup Program.

Meeting dates & times: Regional/National Conferences, , International Conferences.

Membership fees: No fees

AIESEC is a youth leadership organization located across many countries. Members are required to attend National conferences twice a year. This organization helps students further improve their interaction skills, valuable internship, and voluntary opportunities. As a member, I would have access to several training and internship opportunities pertaining to my field. The international seminars, internships, and programs will also help broaden my understanding of global corporations and how different or similar they are from those in the west.


Name: Berry Global

Address: 101 Oakley St, Evansville, IN 47710

Phone: 812-424-2904

Website of company: berryglobal.com

Industry and type of business conducted: The leading manufacturer of injected-molded plastic packaging, thermoformed products, flexible products, tapes, and coatings.

Berry Global was founded in 1967 and was originally named Imperial Plastics. It has completed more than a dozen acquisitions and still continues to do so. It was at first a domestic business, but later spanned on an became international. Berry currently has more than 130 locations worldwide, which includes locations in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, as well as Australia. More than 48,000 people are employed, with an estimated sale of approximately thirteen billion dollars.

Name: Steak n’ Shake

Address: 107 S Pennsylvania St. Suite 400, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Phone: 877-785-6745

Website of company: steaknshake.com

Industry and type of business conducted: Food industry. A casual restaurant chain, which serves fast-food-to-go as well as diner-styled sit-down service.

Steak n’ Shake was founded in Normal, Illinois, in 1934, by Gus Belt. It continued to expand after the death of its founder and was eventually acquired by E.W. Kelley and Associates. It is now controlled by Sardar Biglari, who led a turnabout that resulted in continuous increases for over 24 quarters. Although the company is primarily concentrated in the Midwest, it has locations in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, The United Kingdom, and The United Arab Emirates.

Name: Zimmer Biomet

Address: 345 East Main Street, Warsaw, IN 46580

Phone: 574-267-6639

Website of company: zimmerbiomet.com

Industry and type of business conducted: A publicly traded medical device company. It is a part of the medical devices business group.

Zimmer Biomet was created in 1927 to build aluminum splints. It now designs, develops, and manufactures orthopedic products. It entered the global market in 1929, when a Scottish surgeon ordered splints worth $1,200. but now operates in more than 25 countries across the globe and sells its products in more 100 countries. In 2014, Zimmer purchased Biomet Inc. for $14 billion dollars. Zimmer Biomet has approximately 18,000 employees worldwide and has a net worth of $28.67 billion dollars as of September 2019.

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