Luxury Synthetic Marijuana Before The Hippie Revolution of The 60s

For Years America has said many opinionated things about Marijuana, and none of them are ever any good or 100% true. From the laced synthetic Marijuana to the 60s hippie revolution. There have been numerous opinions that are unreasonable in this day and age. Why is it 2018 and we still have negative feelings about marijuana ? Marijuana has more benefits than disadvantages. Therefore, this paper will provide a logical and extensive argument to support the argument that Marijuana should be legalized. Ganja is also known as “Marijuana” is from the cannabis plant whose dried leaves, stems, and seeds are smoked, eaten, or “vaped”.

In the U.S. currently, 55 million people are known to smoke Marijuana said Ashley Marcin from The Healthline Blog. Though Marijuana and Medical Marijuana aren’t currently legal in all states, doctors are discovering ways to help relieve certain symptoms in people with chronic conditions. Something serious as cancer comes with a awful amount of symptoms and side effects. Surprisingly Marijuana deals with the lack of appetite by the consumption of marijuana, whether its through inhalation or by digesting it.

There is a compound found in Marijuana known as tetrahydrocannabinol or THC it has unique properties which treats the side effects. Though Marijuana can help with the dealings of cancer, lack of appetite, depression, and chronic pain there are some side effects from the drug that individuals may not be fond of. Some individuals experience drowsiness, or the wanting to sleep. Memory loss, reddening of the eyes and cotton moth can be said to be the most relatable effects of the drug.

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But when you think about it every drug that your physician prescribes has a side effect whether you experience it or not the only difference with Marijuana is that it has many forms of consumption. Though there are prescriptions prescribed by a doctor with similar compounds but they do not give off the sense of being high. When it comes to your sleeping if you have insomnia you are benefiting from the effects of the drug.

Memory loss is not a forever thing I like to call it “having a blonde moment” meaning it wears off. Red eyes are nothing to worry about also because the color is temporary and painless. Depression affects more than 350 million people in the U.S. This very common mood disorder is the leading cause of disabilities worldwide. Though you may say Marijuana should be good for things like depression and anxiety doctors have a different say. Doctors say that if you feel like you may suffer from depression and or anxiety to consult with a doctor and to not self-medicate. Some individuals feel that when they are down or not feeling like themselves that they should engage in consuming Marijuana. Before you decide to self diagnose you should consult a physician and see if your body can take that type of drug and its effect on your body. The benefits of Marijuana when dealing with depression can be seen as tools for pain management, may relieve symptoms of anxiety, and can also be used as a treatment for nausea and vomiting when going through chemotherapy. Introducing Marijuana into the body could help restore normal levels and function.

This may ease symptoms of depression but can not be quite sure. Dr. Timothy Legg from the University of Buffalo states that though Marijuana does not cause depression there may be a link between the two. Some extensive research shows that regular users of the drug tend to be diagnosed with depression more than non-traditional smokers. If you are at risk of other mental health conditions than Marijuana might not be the best choice for you, it is known to trigger schizophrenia or psychosis. These recently found side effects may effect the body because of your consumption level or the way you choose to consume the drug. Though there is information surfacing everyday about medical marijuana and the effective treatment for depression there needs to be more extensive research done. When everything is said and done Marijuana can be used for some many things. Everything found in this article was not terrible enough to ban Marijuana maybe there should be restrictions on the drug but to take away from those who could benefit the most is unfair and cruel.

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