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Love Theme Between Bronte and Austen

The following sample essay on: ” Love Theme Between Bronte and Austen”. Today we are going to deal only with love theme; with all the problems that face love like classes of society and the characters’ own flaws.

Love theme at that century was something common to write about, because of the great role it plays in girls lives at that time.

Literature of all times is a window to talk about what a period of time contains.

Our subject today is the nineteenth century literature and in special, prose. There were a lot of themes that prose of nineteenth century dealt with, such as love, personal discovery, revenge, and gothic. I’ve chosen two novels from the nineteenth century to compare and contrast between, which are Wuthering Highest it’s writer Emily Bronte and the other one is Pride and Prejudice it’s writer Jane Austen. Today we are going to deal only with love theme; with all the problems that face love like classes of society and the characters’ own flaws. Love theme at that century was something common to write about, because of the great role it plays in girls lives at that time.

All that we are going to see it through this work, I hope you enjoy it.

We will start with love theme from Pride and Prejudice, the author concerned with pointing out the inequality that governs the relationship between men and women, and its effects on women especially.

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She painted a picture of reality of her time, when women care only about marriage, at this point the incidents of the novel changes when Elizabeth, who is a middle-class girl fell in love with Mr. Darcy, who is a noble man from the high class. Also Austen talks about the limited choices of a girl to decide the life’s partner, because she have to put his class and economic situation above her heart. She showed us that marriage is the woman’s only choice since she is not supposed to inherit or work. Jane Austen wrote her novel in order to show us that love can face social, financial, and even personal flaws.At the opening of the novel we are exposed to Mr. Darcy as a cocky person who is not interested in the middle-class girl, Elizabeth Bennet, because he is from the upper class, he even says “she is storable, but not handsome enough to tempt me” (Austen31).The heroine Lizzy, has high expectations and she refuses to marry without love; because most marriages at that time depended on economical basics as for girls it’s all about stability and family formation. We have Miss Charlotte Bennet, Lizzy’s sister, she married Mr. Collins and she was happy therefor from the beginning she had a low expectation, and she knew that she has no other option but to marry him in order not to spend their life in the street after the death of their father since Mr. Collins own their house, also because she was afraid of being a spinster. About that topic jane states “it is a truth, universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want to a wife”(, yet Elizabeth was clever and beautiful enough to make Mr. Darcy fall in love with her and to make him give up on the idea of classes and about his whole pride to her lovely character and pure soul. At the end we say that Elizabeth is guilty of prejudice and Darcy of pride.

Moving to next chapter of our tour which is Love Theme in wuthering Highest.the novel shows two types of love showed by Catherine and her love to Heathcliff which started as hatred, because she thought that he is stealing her father’s love from them, then she fall in love with his savage character and later on, ha became her only friend and she even described herself by his name she said “I am Heathcliff” (p.66). She loved him so much and nothing could separate them at that time, even her violent brother Hindly who tried to put Heathcliff out of the image. After that when Cathy was bitten by the dog of the Linton’s and she had to stay there for five weeks. During these weeks, she knew how the society looks to Heathcliff as a gipsy and she recognized that their love is not civilized and will not satisfy her aim of being a lady, so she scarified their love and married Edgar Linton. Cathy had never loved Edgar but she was only trying to control him and his money, also she was concerning her appearance in the society as Edgars’ wife. Edgar is nothing like Heathcliff, however, he is Heathcliff’s opposite.

Catherine’s relationship with Edgar proved that heart’s relation cannot be compared to the mind’s one. That love between Catherine cannot be imitated between her and Edgar. Heathcliff thought that he could run away from his love to Catherine, but eventually he came back, because for him nothing else matters but Cathy, although their love caused him in particular so much pain physically and psychology. Heathcliff that angry lover came back to revenge of Cathy and Edgar so, he used Isabella as a tool. He used Isabella’s innocence to hurt the woman he loves, while Isabella on the other hand, really loved him and tried to obey him.After all, we can see that there is similarities as much as differences between these two novels, they both show us love stories with different endings. All love stories in the nineteenth century are similar in one way or another, and all lovers of all times face almost the same difficulties. In my opinion, love can be stronger than anything pride, money, religion, and even society. Loves’ mission is to support people through the hardness of their lives, but if lovers didn’t support each other that love will break into pieces and hurt them both.

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