Love Is the Strongest Feeling That Can Inspire or Destroy

In every relationship where love is involved, it is a strong and a wonderful thing. Then again; for others, love can be devastating and it depends, however, they decide to cope with leads to obliteration. There are so many relationships that ended unexpectedly, it causes suffering and pain and ends up in a disaster. Love is very strong and it affects thoughts and viewpoints. When lovers’ parts from each other, their love for each other has a sentiment of desertion and that can feel can affect them and what they had during the time.

It is just like when love exists in a strong relationship and that feeling they had for each other can really affect them deeply in a good or bad way with actions that comes with effects.

In your popular play “Medea” it was very interesting to find the feelings that a woman had for her husband and how she was deceived by him. Your piece of writing symbolizes a couple that use to have a strong love for each other has totally turned and it really affected their relationship and how it was carried out.

The main character Medea has been scorned and is extremely wounded emotionally because the decision that Jason to agree to marry another woman and that puts her in a position where she went ahead and murders her own family and the other people who were in her way.

Reading through the play, Medea stated “I hate my life. How can I put an end to it?” (Medea, lines 96-97), there was assistance on how you wanted to draw the reader’s attention closer and pay attention to how Medea’s heart was wounded and the pain she felt and she wanted to just end her life.

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Despite of the their relationship had come to a tragic end and she felt neglected, I am thinking that if and only if Jason will take the time to make it clear with Medea and give her an acceptable reason why he decides to move on but in a very respectable way and probably Medea will change her mind and respond.

Also, Jason mentioned in the play, “I will not carry on this quarrel any longer. But if you want to take me up on the offer of money for the children or your own exile say so. I am ready to be generous to you and to send letters to friends abroad who will take care of you. And you are a fool, if you refuse my offer, woman. Put aside your venom and you might get somewhere” (Medea, lines 609-615). It appears here, that Jason does not regret or takes into consideration how Medea thoughts and hurt she went through. Jason felt that he was steady about his decision to leave Medea and to marry the woman and also be a part of the noble family. Medea was really hurt and imagine if someone else was in the same situation, the approach and behavior in this setting will probably be reversed and will end up in a different route.

Medea believes that Jason should at least apologize and even more where she had done so much for him. She mentioned “Father, the city from which I am torn away after I killed my brother in cold blood for him!” (Medea, lines 166-167). Everything Medea did for him was not in the dark and he knew that he has put her through a lot and that was her way of showing him how much she loves him and it did upsets and distracts her.

Strong and desperate love is determined in relationships and affairs. Falling insomuch love with Jason and then being neglected, affected Medea’s intellect and affected her ways of dealing with what was in her way and other consequences. Also in your play, Medea seems to be stable because she has already had been hurt, to arrange and set up a plan to destroy whoever stands in her way. When you point out when she her heart was wounded and hurting, “I am in agony, I am so brutally misused. You horrible children, of a mother who hates you, god damn you with your father, and the whole house goes to Hell” (Medea, lines 112-115). She was deeply in pain and she did not care who was close to her, even her own flesh and blood. She was betrayed and felt deserted despite of all that she has done to show and prove her love for Jason. It also leads that her psychological state of mind has been crushed and ruin badly when he left and neglected her.

She murdered Jason’s new family and her own kids, she destroyed everything that was close and dear to his heart and at this point and it was terrible that it ended that way because of treachery. I think that if Jason realized and understands deeply of the love that Medea has for him because she went through a lot to prove her love for him. If he would have been respectful and at least explain what his decision was to marry another woman and leave her in a different way, I believe that the whole scenario would have been changed. When Jason moved on and he took advantage of Medea’s love for him and everything that she has done for him was inevitable, he left her and he was focusing on the things that will make him happy. And with that being said, it affected her and sets her off to have every plan she designed to hurt him and it was in a psychological form of insults and disaster.

Reading this play and finding it to be very interesting as it speaks about love in a strong relationship that it can be amazing or dreadful. I believe in every relationship, the two parties involved should deal with their issues in a fair way that their feelings are taken into consideration. Both should control each other’s feelings because it can have a huge impression based on the way it is handled and it will either be dealt in a good manner or suffer the consequences. “Medea” is your greatest work that I believe it was significant and is a piece of writing utilized to learn more about and directing those who are in a relationship.

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