Lose Your Career Due To Alcohol Addiction

Who would you say is one of the most successful Actor in the acting industry? Robert Downey Jr. can be described as one of the most inspiring people in the acting community, having gone from using narcotics and drinking alcohol every day, to never touching them. Robert Downey Jr. was born April 4, 1965 in Manhattan, New York to Robert Downey Sr, and Elsie Downey. Robert’s father used the name Downey while he was making films. When he was eight years old, Robert Downey Jr’s father introduced him to marijuana, leading to his drug abuse later in his life.

Roberts mother, Elsie Downey loved performing and the arts, so it’s only natural that Robert would too. He and his sister, Allyson Downey, both loved film. Robert’s love of film lead him to study at the Stagedoor Manor of Performing Arts Training Center in upstate New York.

Once he moved to California, he attended Santa Monica High School to pursue acting full time.

Robert Downey Sr was born June 24, 1935. He was a phenomenal filmmaker and director. Elsie Downey was baron April 1, 1934 in Dormont, Pennsylvania. She was an actress and a writer, but lost her career to alcohol addiction. She died September 22, 2014 in Los Angeles. Not that long ago, Robert Downey Jr used to be an extreme addict. He used to use drugs every day, and drink alcohol almost all the time. His first run in with drugs was when he was eight, and his father introduced him to Marijuana. In December 1997, Robert went to jail for 180 days for violating probation.

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He took daily drug tests during the filming of Two Girls and a Gut. One of Robert Downey’s worst moments while on drugs was when he wandered in a neighbor’s house and laid in their daughters beid.

He served a year in California SATF and State Prison for the stunt. He was supposed to serve three years. Robert Downey Jr was once stopped by police after driving naked in his porsche, and found not only to be without clothes, but in possession of cocaine, heroin and a .357 magnum. Four months after getting out of prison Robert was again arrested for possession of cocaine at a spa while being under the influence of drugs. That time he did serve a three year sentence. Robert Downey Jr’s first relationship was with Deborah Falconer, a former model. She was born August 12, 1965, in Sacramento, California. She met Robert through her acting career and married after 42 days of dating. They were married for twelve years and had one child; Indio Falconer Downey. Roberts most recent relationship is Susan Downey. She is known for her work on 2009’s Sherlock Holmes.

They’ve been married since 2005, and they have two children; Exton Elias Downey and Avri Rosel Downey. At first, Susan was not interested in Downey. She didn’t even think he was attractive. To her, he was professional and very good at what he did. Soon, though, Robert started asking her to dinner, though nothing went further because downey was still using drugs. Robert proposed to her and was rejected. Once she made it clear that nothing was going to happen until Downey stopped using and drinking, he stepped up and made it a goal to stop. In his journey to achieve his goal, Robert consulted Eric Oram, a martial artist. He signed up and Eric gave him Jeet Kune Do lessons. Robert was directly focused on his lessons. Once he got clean, Robert proposed on Susans 30th birthday, and unlike the first time, she accepted.

Robert has three children over all. Indio Falconer Downey, Exton Elias Downey, and Avri Rosel Downey. Indio Falconer was born September 7, 1993 in Los Angeles, California. Regardless of what Robert Downey Jr does, Indio followed a different path. Indio Falconer is the lead guitarist and vocalist of the band ‘The Dose’. While he is in a different profession, Indio has also had run ins with drugs. He was once arrested on suspicion of drug possession because he was seen with cocaine. He only spent the night in Jail, before Robert bailed him out, paying the ten thousand dollars. He was part of The Seems but because of his run ins with drugs, he couldn’t join. Roberts second child, Exton Elias Downey was born February 7, 2012, in Los angeles California, and his third, Avri Rosel Downey was born November 4, 2014 in Los Angeles California.

Robert is known for not being especially humble and being sarcastic and humorous while remaining completely stone faced. He also frequently plays egotistical but likeable intelligent characters. Robert was once a member of the Ally McBEal cast in 1997 but was fired once he was arrested for wandering around under the influence, once again, and multiple rehab visits. Robert was part of Sherlock holmes (2009), Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, Weird Science, True Believer, Wonder Boys, and more. In one of his movies, Robertś money was held from him until the movie was wrapped, because of his problems at the time. In the Sherlock Holmes movies, there was no stunt double. If you saw Robert Downey Jr on the screen doing moves or anything, it was him doing all the work. He still does most of his stunts time to time, but Iron Man 3 made him more cautious. Iron Man 3´s was delayed because of an injury Robert sustained while doing a stunt. Even though he had struggles with drugs and alcohol earlier in his life, Robert soon became a Hollywood favorite when he appeared in Marvelś Iron Man. Because of his movies with Marvel, his net worth has gone up to three hundred million dollars. As of 2017, Robert has 106 nominations for awards, and has won 37 of them.

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