Look if you had one shot or one opportunity to seize everything

“Look if you had one shot or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment would you capture it or just let it slip?”(Eminem). Eminem is known to be the greatest rapper of all time. He has changed the music industry in many ways other people couldn’t do. Yes, some of his lyrics are controversial but he has a reason why he said it. Eminem has struggled his whole life, but that didn’t stop him from achieving his dream.

He has empowered his fans that you can do anything even if your white, black, or purple. Eminem isn’t afraid to speak out and that what makes him the G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time). Now let’s talk about the two perspectives of Marshall Mathers and his impacts to the society.

Eminem’s real name is Marshall Mathers and was born in Missouri (Biography.com Editors). Eminem is his stage name and this is the good side of Marshall Mathers.

Eminem was raised by his mother and his father left him when he was an infant. Growing up, he had to move to several places between Missouri and Detroit, Michigan. Eminem’s mother couldn’t maintain one job for a long time making him change school everytime. Eminem was one of those kids who didn’t fit in school and would constantly get bullied. He would get beat up and pushed. He didn’t really do good in school, but he does study the dictionary.

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He believes that no matter how bad he was in high school, he wanted to have a high vocabulary, so people can respect him(Biography.com Editors).

Eminem got interested in hip hop when he first heard the gangster rap crew called N.W.A.. People have questioned Eminem’s music because he would put all his anger in his rap. Generally, rap was only for black peoples, but that didn’t stop Eminem from joining rap battles. Eminem entered the 1997 Rap Olympics MC Battle and was the runner up. Later that day, Dr.Dre, a legendary rapper and former producer of N.W.A, listened to Eminem’s cassette and was impressed that he offered Eminem to his record deal. Dr. Dre didn’t care if Eminem was white, he liked how Eminem has bars. As Eminem’s career emerges, Eminem dropped his first album called “The Slim Shady LP” which sold over three million copies. Eminem won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album and received a nomination for Album of the Year for his LP(Biography.com Editors).

Eminem calls himself Slim Shady because he believes that everyone has an alter ego. Throughout his music, Eminem describes that Slim Shady is the crazy person who is trying to destroy Eminem and the one that is always angry(Eminem: made by fans for fans). In Eminem’s LP, there was some controversy like homophobic slurs. Eminem did apologies for his words, but he wants to explain that when he was younger, people would always use it around him. Eminem then performed with Elton John, who is an English singer, pianist, and is gay, in the Grammy Awards. He wanted to show his fans that he got nothing against gay people(Biography.com Editors).

Eminem cares about his fans, but he wants his fans to know that you shouldn’t go overboard because he is just like any regular person. Eminem wrote a song called “Stan” which is about his fans. He tells a story that a crazy fan was so obsessed with him that he died after he drives off a bridge. “Stan” wrote a letter to Eminem that he was his biggest fan, but soon got angry that Eminem didn’t respond. This made “Stan” drinks and drive while his girlfriend was in the back of the car. “Stan” than drove off the bridge and died. In the end of the song, Eminem finally receives the letter from “Stan” and writes back saying that “Stan” should seek for help because he doesn’t want him to die like a story he had seen on the news recently—a man who drove off a bridge with his girlfriend in the back of the car. Eminem soon realized that this news was “Stan”. Eminem wants his fans to be safe and that you shouldn’t be obsessed with him. He just wants his fan to listen to his music(Songfacts).

Eminem fell into crisis when he had his first daughter and his marriage wasn’t working out well. Eminem didn’t know what to do as a father, but he wanted the best for his daughter. Eminem was married to Kim Mathers, but later divorced in 2006. During this divorce, Eminem wanted custody over his daughter. This led Eminem fall into alcoholism, addiction to sleeping pills and painkillers. In 2007, Eminem overdosed and almost died. This was a wake up call for Eminem to seek for help and he went to the rehabilitation center. Eminem has been sober for 10 years and continues to write songs after his overdose(Biography.com Editors).

Eminem is recognized has the best rapper who changed the music industry. As the only white rapper during his time, Eminem has stand out tremendously where he puts his anger in his rap. Eminem’s music has been recognized all over the world and has won 15 Grammys. Eminem has struggled to control himself, but he has seeked help to become a better person. He has impacted his fans to be true to themselves and to follow your dreams. To this day, Eminem is not afraid to share his opinions.

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