"L'onore e il silenzio" by Gianni Mattencini

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The following example essay on “”L’onore e il silenzio” by Gianni Mattencini” is an analysis of a fascinating detective story. In addition to the plot, the essay tells about the characters of the book.

Remote, wild and impassable, the Calabrian inland. For centuries villages and nature were to leave themselves. Only the railroad created in the last third of the 19th century additions and passages of Naples and Bari ago to Reggio Calabria and Sicily, branch lines then opened up side valleys.

Such a place where backwardness and progress meet, has Gianni Mattencini, judges in Bari selected as the scene of his third book. It is an unusually sophisticated detective story, prepares to read aesthetic pleasure.

Borgodivalle, a fictional village with scattered in the surrounding areas of agriculture and sheep shelters, perhaps located on the northern slopes of the Sila, has a tiny train station a station master, but so far the few trains rushing through without stopping. Now a branch is to be created.

Some residents have great hopes, blessings and riches will bring them the future. As anrückt on Monday, November 10, 1924 the construction crew from Bari – a dozen men of all ages and different nature – and stop off for dinner at the only inn, the regulars bursting with curiosity, but only the massive host Giacomone dares a couple to launch clever questions to explore around its business forecasts.

the workers are first a modern steel bridge over the river Crati beat, which flows into the Ionian sea below.

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A few cars on a siding serve as accommodation, kitchen, office and workshop. Your squad leader is respected by all and estimated Gennaro Loiacono, straightforward, responsible, caring and understanding. Technical supervision by the engineer Alessandro Alessi by the Directorate of Bari Ferrovie dello Stato . But shortly after his arrival in Borgodivalle one finds the corpse of the man on a hillside not far from the river bed. The killer has not only cut his throat, but also emasculated him bloody.

What is the face of this eloquent facts closer to suspect as an “honor killing”, the revenge of a dishonored woman or her family? Everything we learn about Alessi supported to an assumption. He was a fine gentleman, handsome, educated, charming and a notorious seducer, apparently permanently attractive on the prowl for women. His adventures were an elegant, serious wife Giorgina has not gone unnoticed, but knowing that they, gambe magre with her little pronounced femininity ( “fianchi sterili, sedere piatto e arido. Tutto come in un sentimento avaro, un trasporto misurato, una richiesta d’amore Negata “could fulfill) his expectations difficult, she endured his obsession with her usual” portamento since padrona e da vera signora “.

For the elucidation of the shameful fact, the royal prosecutor in more than two hundred kilometers from Bari responsible. It sends two Carabinieri, the brigadiere Maisano and the appuntato Varcone, into impassable hinterland. The two are put there to itself. If necessary, you can send short messages via “fonogramma”, otherwise Maisano is summoned to report to Bari, but the help they receive none.

That both treat each other with no name, the dashing tone corresponds to the establishing itself fascism, but also symbolizes how strange they remain in the wilderness. Maisano, the more difficult a tic of the left eye, the inclusion of personal contacts anyway, must explore at every interrogation, how to invest its role in order to gain respect and trust, and to elicit the simplest information to the respective most stubborn opponent. Through his eyes and reflections we see much of the action.

An equally important perspective is that the foreman Gennaro Loiacono, who always has an open ear for his men and the strengths and weaknesses of each knows. Although he would put each of them his hand in the fire, he strives like a father or big brother, their anger to spare and keep them away also from the police investigation. Nevertheless, he can by doing his duty not prevent being drawn into the maelstrom of the case.

Even in remote Borgodivalle had Alessi a mistress who walk shepherdess Concia that its near the locality corpse lives in a simple hut. However, it also maintains a relationship with Corrano Giasino, a “latitante” who is wanted for various crimes and is submerged in the mountains. To pursue his and many other tracks, the two Carabinieri suffered many inconveniences, not just the secrecy and skepticism meet the locals, but also cold nights, mud, arduous hikes through dense forests and other ravages of nature endure. They cover a range of problematic relationships and CVs on – and to eliminate the vain engineer from the city enough motives. Dare but they can anything or anyone really. Too often what they hear, poisoned by decades old hatreds, corrupted by self-serving tactics, based only on hearsay.

What makes this crime novel, which may develop in peace and quiet to a true reading experience, However, the elegant, precise narrative style, cultured and sophisticated, how not often found him. The linguistic presentation rich in images and sensations that takes us straight to the front pages and caught us by surprise until the very end with new highlights. The action begins with a difficult march. Giorgina, the widow of the murder victim, and Adriano Alessi, whose sprightly father are arrived by train from Bari to identify the dead, and must be led by Gennaro Loiacono, walking several kilometers to the place where the corpse on the river torment at Borgodivalle. How they enforce the path, their clothes, the exhaustion, their grief, their memories, which portrays Mattencini masterfully.

Also, each character occurring in the course gives the author a careful profile, so that the narrative is polyphonic, act the characters lifelike and individual and their interaction is credible by the fine gentlemen from the city by efficient workers up to the sometimes devious, suspicious or unsavory locals. Not all are good, but not – not even the suspects – failed Mattencini respect and human dignity. Wonderful he creates the perception of time, the atmosphere of the village, the pub, the primitive farms and the rugged terrain, and his descriptions take in some passages poetic qualities. The waters of the Creti about or the Ionian Sea, the lights in the distance, wearing symbolic features.

The investigation of the murder case will of course disclose by evidence such as trace findings and statements that suspicions and motifs allows is ultimately but merit of the brigadiere Maisano and caposquadra Loiacono. Their painstaking mental work full logical cliffs and moral considerations records Mattencini with finely differentiated internal action by.

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"L'onore e il silenzio" by Gianni Mattencini
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