Long Kiss Goodnight by Charlotte MacLeod Review

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Fifteen stories of six American authors and nine authors maintain this strong over three hundred pages Paperback waiting to be verschmökert in emotion pregnant wintertime. You have the setting of the Christmas season together, but sweet mood they do not spread. They play with all sorts of illegality between small scams and hand strength murder and are therefore admirably to Christmas rush, Sales support, -liedern and -Stress to escape for a while. No horror will haunt you until your dreams, and what crackles there is less excitement of stories as the log of wood in your fireplace.

More Reviews beautiful: Books and music CDs for the Advent < br> and Christmas Bücher and music for the Advent and Christmas on books reviews “/ a>.

Understand, even if it is consistently saying that can resonate with so many authors, styles and themes, not every story equally by award-winning authors and well-designed conventional texts. But it’s here so entertaining to relax, and there is true.

variatio delectat

Since fraudsters, burglars, false Santas and art forger romp. Ghost walk, a magician and his assistant make two notorious criminals arrested. An old trapper deserves a little tip that he gives true stories for the best, for example, (gone or is it the devil on the glue?) From a con artist, who even Peter fool could. And there may be a bedauernswerteren unlucky than lucky, the gets lost his million dollar lottery ticket?

From ancient customs and traditions tell two authors. In Sharyn McCrumbs short thriller “The Erstfüßler” gets the protagonist Flora middle of the Hogmanay night (the Scottish New Year) visit from a burglar and entertained him extensively according to ancient custom, because it is (as its author) proud of their Scottish roots.

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From Russian immigrants and their myths Edward D. Hoch wrote in his story “A cold breath”. In Russia, the elf girl Koljada moves with the carriage from house to house to the children to bring gifts. Of these, the children of immigrants families living on a university campus in Manhattan old former faculty lodging know. Now say a few five year olds that they had seen Koljada. You’ve even caressed and placed them cookies and dolls out the door. Then you find a corpse in one of the houses …

New to this anthology is the funny cover art – Fortunately for the Christmas gnome killer with bloody knife, the bullet through his snow globe home it has narrowly missed! The collection of texts, however, has proven itself in 25 years of aging. Charlotte MacLeod (born in 1922), “Grande Dame” of American crime fiction, has short stories of fourteen fellow writers (all from 1916 to 1948 born) selected which are hardly known to us (Mary Higgins Clark and Isaac ) except Asimov, but almost all are ennobled with the Edgar Award. That speaks for literary quality and solid craftsmanship. The band has in 1989 under the title ” Mistletoe Mysteries < " Charlotte MacLeod: "Mistletoe Mysteries"

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