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Load shedding has had an immense impact on small businesses around Paper

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Load shedding has had an immense impact on small businesses around the country, one such place that has reportedly had to restructure the way in which business is conducted is according to Gostana et al (2019: para. 2 line 1) a business founded by Toni Burton who started Zizamele Ceramics in 2008. Located in Masiphumelele, a small township in the south of Cape Town, she employs nine people. She has trained them to do ceramics. She and her employees depend on this small business for their livelihood the kilns which make the pottery the business sells, cannot work without electricity, load shedding has then led to them resorting to the need to go to the studio at night to switch the kilns on after load shedding ends at 20:30 and before the 10:00 one begins,” Burton says. But she also says it’s dangerous to travel in Masiphumelele at night Gostana et al (2019: para 4 line 1). She further goes on to state that the kiln needs to reach a temperature of 1 000?Cover 12 hours. During load shedding it is impossible to get one firing cycle completed before the next outage begins. Their glaze firing takes even longer as it needs to reach 1 175?Cover 14 hours,” Burton explains. She is investigating using paraffin to power the kilns. That would mean getting rid of the ones that use electricity. Gostana et al ( 2019: para 5-7 line 1)


Gontsana, M. A. Ntongana, T. and Washinyira, T. 2019. Small businesses hard hit by load shedding. News24. 16 February. Available (Accessed on 08 August 2019).

Loadshedding has especially taken its toll on small businesses in Pietermaritzburg where Pillay (2019: para 1 line 1) reports that while resurgence of loadshedding hits local businesses hard, with some struggling to please frustrated client, Msunduzi is still unable to produce an updated loadshedding schedule. The owner of Blu Gel Hair Salon which is based in Scottsville Pietermaritzburg, reported that she had to bring in a generator as well as a second geyser so that there is enough hot water for washing hair, she further states that they use hairdryers all day long therefore it is irritating when there are loadshedding interruptions seeing as running the generator is also an extra expense Pillay (2019: para 6 line 1).

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Pillay, K. 2019. Still no schedule for PMB. The witness. 15 February. Available (Accessed on 08 August 2019).

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