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literature unite review 7

artfully compressed thought resulting in the elevated expression of ideas

a stanza of six lines

divisions of a poem based on thought, meter, or rhyme and usually recognized by the number of lines they contain

a regular pace or beat

rhyme scheme
the pattern of rhyme sounds in a poem or in a stanza of poetry

rhymed verse
verse having end rhyme and regular meter

a stanza or poem of four lines

a stanza of eight lines

lyric poem
a brief poem expressing the personal views of a single speaker on a particular topic

Italian sonnet
poetry whose first eight lines (an octave, rhyming abbaabba) form a distinct unit of thought and whose last six lines (a sestet, rhyming variously with two or three new rhymes) form another

heroic couplet
a pair of rhyming lines written in iambic pentameter

English sonnet
poetry whose thought is usually distributed over three quatrains with a concluding couplet, the whole rhyming ababcdcdefefgg

a pair of rhymed lines

blank verse
unrhymed iambic pentameter

celebration and praise
how would you describe the atmosphere of “I will sing unto the Lord, for he hath triumphed gloriously”

by using parallelism, rhyme, imaginative comparison, concrete language
what are 2 reasons that “I will sing unto the Lord, for he hath triumphed gloriously” qualifies as a poetry

fire; warm-welcoming
what is the central image of the indoors in Whittier’s “Snow-Bound”? what atmosphere does this image create

lily-white dow Lady clare’s ~ worth, innervirtue; dress of gold Lady clare’s ~ external worth
identify and briefly explain the significance of two of the symbols in Tennyson’s Lady Clare

for memory intended to entertain; for love
what was the original purpose of the ballad? how does “Lady Clare,” though not a fold ballad itself, preserve some of the form’s original purpose

doesnt want to mirror homer’s, shakespear and tennyson
identify two allusions in Whitmans “Had I the Choice” and explain their purpose in the poem

what does whitman generally imitate his poetic model in “Had I the Choice”

mask; hides true feelings
what is the central image of Dunbars “We Wear the Mask” and explain the literal and metaphorical meaning of the symbol

explain the significance of the word “dream” in “We Wear the Mask”

curtain of the pupils lifts quietly ~ eyes opening
identify an example of the imaginative comparison in Rilke’s “The Panther” and explain its significance in the poem

bars ~ restrictive barrier; panther ~ impaired by confindment
identify two symbols from “The Panther” and explain what they represent

rhymed ~ meter and rhyme; blank ~ meter and lacks rhyme; free ~ lacks meter and rhyme
explain the difference between rhymed verse, blank verse, and free verse

waft of wind, white web-foot
identify four examples of concrete language from Hardy’s “Snow in the Suburbs,” two from stanza one and two from stanza two. Why does Hardy use this concrete language

humorous in stanza 2; serious tone in stanza 3
why is it appropriate that Hardy’s tone changes from stanza two to stanza three in “Snow in the Suburbs”

lines 3;7;1
identify an example of the following techniques in Magee’s “High Flight”: alliteration, onomatopoeia, and personification

value concrete; gratification approves speaker actions
who are the “orchard men of time” in Hillyer’s “The Wise Old Apple Tree in Spring” what is the poet’s tone towards them

lights glaze over restless docks, cars cockroach
identify two examples of imaginative comparison in Brutu’s “Nightsong:City”

city and country
what are the two contrasting settings in “Landscape with Cows” and which does Espaillat seem to view as more realistic

Had I Had the Choice
which poem in Unit 7 best qualifies as a free verse

Repetition and parallelism
“I will sing unto the Lord” is structured around what

rhetorical question
“I will sing unto the Lord” uses a what to point toward the hopefulness of future events

“Snow-Bound” is a what poem

Whittier’s tone toward the family in “Snow-Bound” is one of what

Tennyson’s “Lady Clare” is a what

the final line of “Lady Clare” is an example of what irony

strict meter
the what of “Lady Clare” give a musical feel

distress and resentment
the overall tone of Dunbar’s “We Wear the Mask” is one of what

the same letter
when labeling rhyme scheme, use what of the the alphabet for the lines that rhyme

octave and sestet
the Italian sonnet form is made up of what

Hardy’s choice of the word inurns in “Snow in the Suburbs: implies what

the phrase “laughter-silvered wings” from “High Flight” is an example of what

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