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Literature – Seven Types of Narrator

The Protagonist
The narrator is the hero of the story. The readers hear all the hero’s thoughts and opinions so we get to know them faster and can relate more easily.

Example: Sunrise Over Fallujah

The Secondary Character
Someone close to the hero, but not the main character. Similar to a Protagonist narrator in that we hear private thoughts, but the focus of the story moves away from the narrator.

Example: The Little Prince

The Detached Observer
A third person narrator who tells the story without inserting their own opinion. This voice is not very noticeable.

Example: The Hunger Games, Harry Potter

The Commentator
This narrator never enters the story, but adds their own commentary on the events of the story. Adds a new voice without actually adding a new character.

Example: The Graveyard Book, The Wave

The Interviewer
This narrator has collected the details of the story after it happened, often by reporting on a conversation had with a character. This lends a sense of reality to a story.

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Example: Our Town

The Secret Character
Sometimes a narrator only pretends to be removed from a story. They may refer to themselves in the third person, but will eventually be mentioned by some other character or revealed as a major character.

Example: James and the Giant Peach

The Unreliable Narrator
Usually a first person narrator, but sometimes third person, this narrator has a flawed point of view. The author makes them intentionally biased, misinformed, or questionable in some other way.

Example: Shooting an Elephant

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