Literature Rime of the Ancient Mariner Vocabulary

allusion (definition)
a reference to something famous

allusion (example)
Albatross is like Noah’s ark

allusion (why)
the reader is more familiar with the famous reference and can relate to what they are reading

flashback (definition)
a trip back to the past

flashback (example)
the story that the mariner is telling to the wedding guest about his trip on the boat

flashback (why)
He uses it to SHOW that he must tell someone the story for his sins to be forgiven

meter (definition)

meter (example)
iambic tri/tetra meter

personification (definition)
to give human qualities to an inanimate object

personification (example)
the ice cracks and roar like an animal

personification (why)
to make it sound more threatening and scary

onomatopoeia (definition)
a word that describes an sound

onomatopoeia (example)
the whiz of the crossbow

onomatopoeia (why)
makes it sound more dramatic

sibilance (definition)
a repetition of the “s” sound

sibilance (example)
when the mariner looks over the side of the boat and sees “the slimy things upon the slimy sea”

sibilance (why)
makes it sound spooky because “s” reminds you of serpent-like things

allegory (definition)
a work of art that has multiple levels of meaning like literal and figurative

allegory (example)
when the albatross is hung over the mariner’s neck, which figuratively means it is like a burden

allegory (why)
you can add interest because it requires the reader to use imagination

hyperbole (definition)

hyperbole (example)
“as idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean”

hyperbole (why)
it stretches the truth so that you understand how still the boat is

rhyme (definition)
the same sound being repeated

rhyme (example)

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