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Classification criteria for events Paper

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1Types of Events

There are different classification criteria for events. The basic one categorizes activities as scheduled and unplanned. Planned events are the focus of event management study and include set-up, staff, executives and some length of time. ( Oklobd?ija, S. 2015).

If the events are classified according to their size and scope, it is possible to classify the following four types:

1. Mega-events

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2. Hallmark events 3. Major events

4. Local events (Oklobd?ija, S. 2015)

1.1 Mega Events

Mega case is an occurrence that impacts the host country’s overall economic performance and is covered by the media worldwide. In economic terms, the host country’s tourism and economic infrastructure closely represents mega activity. Typically, such activities are correlated with sporting events. (Oklobd?ija, S. 2015). These include the Olympic Games, the Paralympic Games, the FIFA World Cup, the Winners of the IAAF World. (Oklobd?ija, S. 2015)

1.2 Hallmark Events

Hallmark activity relates to the role of events in achieving a set of objectives that favor visitors and the host city, namely: attracting tourists; establishing and reinforcing a positive identity co-branded with the destination/town; and providing locals with multiple benefits. (Getz , Svensson, Peterssen, & Gunnervall 2012)

Top Hallmark events of the world

Australian Open (tennis) Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival

Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Australian Rules Football Grand Final

Melbourne Cup Carnival (horse racing)

Boxing Day Test (cricket)

(Getz, D., Svensson, B., Peterssen, R., & Gunnervall, A. 2012)

1.3 Local events

Local event is an event focused primarily on local communities and focused primarily on their desire for cultural, recreation and entertainment. Such gatherings also provide several advantages, including increasing civic pride, fostering a sense of belonging, and creating a sense of location. We can also help to open people to new ideas and experiences and inspire spot participation. (Oklobd?ija, S. 2015).

One more criterion of classifying the events that is often mentioned in literature is according to the level they are attached to a particular destination. Therefore, some events always take place in the same community, those that always take place in a different community, and those that take place simultaneously in several communities, or they cover the entire region. As Getz (2008)


2 Importance of Media in Event

As a result of new delivery systems that include cable satellite television and the Internet, the recent development of the entertainment industry has generated an opportunity to consume consumer goods as never before. Global media company networking and instant electronic media photo and data transmission have rendered the idea of global village a reality. (Omoregie, E. 2012). The Beijing Olympics sports, for instance, received the largest global television audience ever, comprising 70% of the world’s population, i.e. 4.7 billion spectators. Social media has also added to the advancement of events as many activities are now incorporating this social media to their pages, providing reviews, suggestions, and thoughts, sharing viewpoints and even participating Plan and schedule of events. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Flickr, and LinkedIn allow their contact more private and collaborative. (Allen et al. 2011, 133.)

The worldwide town idea has gotten conceivable with interchanges being increasingly worldwide and quick. Even though there are sure credits to this, there have additionally been some shocking outcomes (Getz 1997). A run of the mill model is the groan of financial expert that TV has transformed the Olympics and other sport occasions into ‘light amusement’. Host people group and countries put such a great amount of significant worth on the Olympics due to its unparalleled scene and dramatization which has the possibility for passing political, visitor advancement and different messages to the worldwide crowd. Backers additionally rely upon this connection between the occasions and the capacity to arrive at the intended interest group for item messages and symbolism support (Getz 1997). In any case, by and by, it tends to be seen that media occasions will increment sooner rather than later, and will be alluring inside the occasion the travel industry area as voyagers will no more need to head out to a goal to perceive what it brings to the table yet viewing those occasions on TV or 21 other medium will impact their choice. It has additionally been guage that computer-generated experience will likewise affect on occasion the travel industry since it will get to a phase that individuals won’t simply need to watch occasions on TV yet additionally to feel that they are partaking in those occasions (Getz 1997)

3 Importance of events in tourism

The travel industry by one way or another has gotten so ordinary in industrialized nations that occasionally individuals neglect to consider what has made these exercises conceivable. Looking at the travel industry, one will see that it influences the entirety of our lives and it blends with the whole of a host network, district, or nation. (Cooker et al. 2008).

Because of the expanding intensity among have networks and vacationers goals, consideration has been attracted to extraordinary premium markets in other to pick up points of interest and furthermore to get together with financial, social and ecological objectives (Getz 1997). In the 1990’s, the interest and advancement of occasions turned into a major business seeing occasion the travel industry enterprises and firms being set up in numerous nations. Additionally, there was an uprising of national and local traveler foundations and associations, for example, the Scottish visitor Board. (Getz 1997)

The multiplication of occasions lately has prompted the development of a solid and suitable occasion industry with its very own key players, for example, experts, providers, and expert affiliations. (Allen, O’Toole, Harris and McDonnell 2011).The business has been significantly influenced by quick globalization of business sectors and correspondence and this has additionally organized the arrangement of the business. Another factor that has influenced the business is the expanding administrative guidelines and strategies which have left the business working in a mind-boggling and requesting condition (Allen, O’Toole, Harris and McDonnell 2011).

Diverse key players have now gotten themselves engaged with advancing occasions as measures for financial advancement, country building and goal showcasing. (Allen et al. 2011) Non-legislative bodies, for example, companies and organizations, these days likewise consider occasions to be key components in advertising and advancing their items. Host people group, social gatherings, and people presently have extraordinary energy for or enthusiasm for a subject or cause which offers ascend to arrangement of shocking occasions. (Allen et al. 2011)

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