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Literature of Ancient Rome Arts and Culture

What was Roman culture a continuation of?
What the Greeks had started

What impressed the Romans?
Size rather than beauty

What did they invent?
Concrete and perfected the arch as an architectural form so that they could build monumental structures worthy of a great empire

What was one of the Romans’s greatest achievements?
The network of roads that crisscrossed the empire – about 50,000 miles of paved highways and 200,000 miles of secondary roads

Circus Maximus
A huge U-shaped arena in Rome that accommodated 250,000 spectators

50,000 seats and showcased a variety of violent events

What are the 3 main principles of Roman law?
– All people have the right to equal treatment under the law
– A person is considered innocent until proven guilty
– The burden of proof rests with the accuser rather than the accused

What did Roman artists imitate?
Greek models

What did the Romans have in their artwork that was different from the Greeks?
They were sternly realistic

Large murals that decorated the walls of wealthy Romans’ homes

Sculpted images stand out from a flat background

Small pieces of glass, stone, or tile are arranged to form designs or images on a flat surface

What was the similarity religiously between the Romans and the Greeks?
They had the same gods. Jupiter (Zeus), Juno (Hera), and Minerva (Athena) were all their special favorites

Goddess of hearth that families invoked to protect their homes

Goddess of the harvest

The god who guarded doorways

What were the Roman characters?
Dignity, duty, integrity, and discipline

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