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LIterary Terms Scavenger Hunt: Elements of Literature

A referance to someone or something from Literature, History, Religion, Mythology, Politics

Opposing the protaganist

the overall mood or feeling of a work of a literature

A song or poem that tells a story

The way a writer reveals the personality of a character

static character
does not change much in the course of a work

Dynamic character
changes as a result of a story’s events

the use of clues or hints to suggest events that will occur later in a plot

a contrast between expectation and reality

Dramatic Irony
occurs when the audience or the reader knows something a character does not know

Occurs when what happens is very different from what we expected would happen

Verbal Irony
involves a contrast between what is said or written and what is really meant

External Conflict
a character struggles with and outside force

A way of speaking characteristic of a certain geographical area or a certain group of people

Implied Metaphor
A writer hints at a connection instead of stating it directly

Extended Metaphor
A metaphor that is extended, or developed, over several lines of writing or even throughout an entire work

A play on the multiple meanings of a word or on two words that sound alike but have different meanings

A part of a drama in which one character speaks alone

Omniscient Point of View
The narrator knows everything about the character and their problems


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