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Lincoln’s Army In Park Memorial Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Civil War

Known as the “Lincoln’s Army In Park Memorial”, a physical installation which has been erected in the Gettysburg battlefield, Pennslyvania, people are in awe of the tall towerlike appearance with President Abraham Lincoln above which serves as a reminder of liberation. Together, this memorial strives to commemorate all of the Northern soldiers who took part in the battle of Gettysburg, which is remembered as “one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War”, (Cornell University, 2013). This battle acted as a turning point of the Civil War that stopped Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s second invasion into the North. Moreover, it underlines the President Abraham Lincoln’s “few appropriate remarks,” (Lincoln, A. Gettysburg Address) now known as the Gettysburg Address, which served as a reminder commemorating the sacrifices of war and the necessity of holding the Union together.

This beautiful memorial with President Lincoln on the very top looking over a field of once a scene of carnage and is now peace portrays an emblematic idea of strength and manhood signalling strong ideals to end slavery in America and be a leader who successfully led the Union to victory and preserve the nation. Furthermore, Lincoln’s delivered address framed behind the stone wall for all to read was selected because of its familiarity to many, but also because it displays the president’s strength and determination to see the war with a successful conclusion. Similarly, the presentation of Daniel Sickles on his knees behind other soldiers depicts his bravery.

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This is accentuated by his medal of honour placed on him to further portray him as a man of leadership and power for his actions where he is described as “Displayed most conspicuous gallantry on the field vigorously contesting the advance of the enemy and continuing to encourage his troops… ” (National Medal of Honour Museum, 2017). Additionally, on the two sides of the memorial stands Geroge Meade on his noble horse Old Batty. Although Meade was a new Captain in command of the brigade, he successfully led the Northern army into a victory which prompted the surrender of the southern states forcing them to secede to the union. (American Battlefield Trust, 2008). To sum up, as a whole these allegorical figures represent Loyalty, Leadership, Courage, and Honour towards their union.

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