Life is one of the hardest by Giulia Becker Review

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The annual Literary Festival lit.COLOGNE gives doped next to the German Audio Book Prize since 2010 the “Silberschwein price” with 2,222 euros. A jury presents three debut novels of the spring from which the audience selects the winner. The winner of the year 2019 is Giulia Becker, and her debut is titled “Life is one of the toughest.” About the saying with stubborn logic and mild-resignativem Tröstungsfaktor, put forward in awkward situations, probably everyone has chuckled before, because young and fresh he is not.

Giulia Becker considers the statement as a protective shield over a few figures at the bottom of the middle class and even lower, where it is precarious, where you can slip easily and fall right painful with a bit of bad luck can. Fate has Silke, Roland, Renate, Willy Martin and the other not meant well particularly, not overpowering same. They quarrel with their disappointments, but cherish hope enough potential to not give up any resistance. On the contrary, evolve, much like politics and society, the desire sorts initiative and fighting spirit.

But unfortunately their concepts running quite beside the track, and in the complicated practice after getting tangled hopelessly duped by the makers themselves.

scene of the events is the medium-sized district town of Borken in the western Münsterland, where the province is flat and wide. In the central railway station, diverse types meet, beat one their ways, and good and evil going on and off. The station’s mission is the place where to find Weakened and Failed more solid hope than superficial sayings.

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Here Silke Möhlenstedt has found trained IT in business administration with once good career prospects, a new meaning in their lives after they had to bring an abrupt divorce behind. Conveniently, the activity is also their precarious financial situation benefited by being able to erode institutional resources instead of domestic consumption and internal tricks a little of the huge debt that she has on the cheek.

Silke Ex Roland corresponding proportion of its decline. He is an arrogant macho, who fought out a permanent race with its neighbors to the fanciest house, the fanciest pool and other best performances in his hamster wheel. His wife, he would have liked it, should be ready at all times to keep him up the corporate ladder, and in fact she sacrificed for their own perspectives. In the summer of 1991 – almost thirty years ago was – he had verschusselt home important documents for a crucial meeting in Wolfsburg. Pay for had to Silke, who was engaged to perform replacement delivery, the papers in the superheated Regional Express. Hotter than the heat outside was burning their anger at the recent insolence to their bulky figure with which he rewarded their service, and they spontaneously decided to pull the emergency brake for a new life. Unfortunately, they did not do that in a metaphorical, but in the railway technical sense, zeitigte what unforeseen consequences and Silke’s life derailed very concrete. In the confusion after she learned Renate Gabor know that you helpful hand into the following times of need a helping hand.

With an episode to Renate Becker begins Giulia her novel, which then tells alternately of his characters. The input scenes matching the reader the same one as the author exaggerates the way their portraits. For Renate mourned her Maltese crossbreed bitch “Mandarin”, the “headlong into a Punica bottle stuck and choked” or how they published it himself so much more poetic in the memorial along with photo of Hundchens with Bacardi Hat, “about the Rainbow bridge is “gone. Against so much idealization no human child comes ever been equal to not Renates Thorsten. His last sign of life, a postcard from Crete, stuck for three years on the fridge without attracting attention in addition to the countless photos of comical Vierbeinerchens that, unlike fit as Thorsten without problems “in her purse.”

To to be able to indulge their grief, Renate has reported a few days sick – and schliddert, alone on her sofa the wily strategies of various TV shopping channels shipped, unrestrained in a massive spending spree. However, the endorphin dopamine flood can not compensate her loneliness. Soon she can in her small apartment barely turn sheer cosmetics, kitchen and Kleidungskram. is to help put out of necessity

Plagued by other troubles Willy Martin – because she remembers her friend Silke.. have become the liked so far his peaceful job as pigeon keepers on the property of a count, but since the animals objects of aristocratic breeding ambitions, it’s made with peace and contentment. After work, he takes refuge as “HäuptlingRaimundo” in the world of Internet games. In online Wrinkle on (be careful: there’s really!) He forgets all problems, and even his allergies are gone. His strongest opponent Kerstin ( “DieKnochenbrecherin”) he meets even personally, but the two are worlds apart – and Golden Retriever “Bounty”, Kerstin drooling bedfellow. There must also come up with something Willy Martin.

a paragon of contemporary innovation enthusiasm, the author has created with Mr. Marquardt, the newly minted head of the railway mission. With his new appointment, he has stripped his former career as a management consultant in any way. wants the “hardcore free Christian with thumb-thick glasses,” “the stuffy image” of soup kitchen, poverty and suffering revolutionize away with the homeless and Alkis, young in their place “people attract, students who come to her Infused-water bottles fill, sometimes just googled what or make a power nap on the massage chair “.

in driving the action comes in the second of the three novel parts than one sets out on a journey together to Brandenburg to the long-term care woman Goebels their to fulfill the last wish: the fabulous amusement park “Tropical Islands” see the adventures of external action are increasing, but also the lengths in the story because the substance is then but thinly something

however, Giulia Beckers… debut no mere silliness. The author belongs since 2015 to the team of Jan Bohemian’s “NEO MAGAZINE ROYALE” and puts her pointed pen for social, especially feminist specific issues a. The novel offers a catchy, entertaining style, amusing scenes, never-ending cascade of original ideas, intelligent wit and unobtrusive irony. So that it leads the hollowness of current Tags before and exposes the seductive effect fashion trends, such as the invocation of personal success through the ritual repetition of phrases ( “I prefer money like a magnet.”).

The People give plenty of reasons to laugh and smile without being ridiculed. Their fates and actions are pointedly effectively, but give but our sympathy, because there are Failing, disadvantaged, unlucky in our neighborhood sometimes. not without tragedy Mrs Goebel about is a who knows Senior death in front of him. as for the exterior, the reader has a lot of freedom to imagine everything, because Giulia Becker avoided on principle to any conventional characterization (age, appearance …).

About some too rough coated scenes and cliches (like the rider pimped in functional clothing of the hyper technically em Trike recumbent bike) you have to read away easy smile.

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