Life Gives Us Unexpected Turns or Obstacles

Riding my bike along Mayfair Drive South in the spring of 2012 proved to be both painful and instructive. Without much warning, I was struck by a vehicle driven by an inebriated man. After a period of unconsciousness, I woke up to a new world of pain. My hand and wrist were severely damaged and thus I began my long and difficult journey to recovery. Little did I realize that this new bodily imperfection and odyssey would not only teach me tenacity, empathy, time management and diligence, but it would lead me to a desire to study medicine.

Lying on a hospital bed on morphine and other painkillers, I had cuts, scratches and bruises. After being sent home with a cast and not being able to move or sleep, I was eager for my emergency appointment with a pediatric surgeon the next morning. My doctor quickly diagnosed me with a Lunate dislocation with ligament tear and soft tissue damage. I then realized that my wrist and mobility would never be perfect again.

I felt that my entire future path was now changed. Would this new flaw prevent me from living my lifestyle or more importantly, impede my career aspirations?

I was immediately rushed to surgery the next morning during which they implanted four pins. Afraid of being alone, I refused the sleeping medication and was concerned about the heart monitors, medication drips and other medical paraphernalia. I was extremely concerned about being able to use my hand and wrist as well as how it would look.

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Soon, four additional pins were implanted into my wrist. All I could think about was how this physical imperfection would affect my everyday life and choices. Just when I was beginning to accept this new handicap, I received news that I ​would​ be able to function normally after just one more surgery. Everything I had thought I might not be able to accomplish, was once again possible. Months later, the doctors removed the pins in a third surgery because my bones needed to grow. I was truly happy to remove my cast and all the required assistance for bathing, dressing and living.

This entire process fascinated me because lacking full usage can affect us emotionally and physically. It was truly fascinating to not only learn all the various components, processes and procedures of the surgery and pharmaceuticals, but also realize how the ​thought​ of being handicapped had nearly paralyzed me. As my body was healing and growing, my passion for studying medicine and pharmacology developed along with my hope of overcoming this imperfection.

As the years passed, I began to study the body in terms of multiple biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology courses. I truly enjoy learning and understanding how the body, medicines and world work symbiotically. Without science, we cannot really understand the complexities of the surrounding world. Medicine gives us the opportunity to change people’s lives for the better. In previous time eras, this grievous injury could have been a hardship that may have prevented adaptive functioning, daily tasks or even marriage.

My epiphany about studying medicine lead to success in academics, prioritization, perseverance for overcoming any obstacles, and learning to be more sensitive to others in my environment. I have evolved into an industrious student with high hopes. Also, this journey led to appreciating a good bedside manner because I had received such kind and patient care. This taught me to be tenacious and more empathetic to others’ feelings and suffering. Additionally, I learned how a hospital runs, as well as the roles and responsibilities of various medical professionals including nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologists, physical therapists and pharmacists. This amazing team of caring professionals not only facilitated my physical recovery but also ignited a burning curiousity and passion to help others.

This experience gave me an appreciation of being healthy and accepting all flaws. Life sometimes throws unexpected turns or obstacles in your path like injury or loss. What may initially seem a disadvantage may actually be an opportunity in disguise. According to Vincent Lombardi, “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will.” Even though the experience was challenging, I would ​never​ trade it because it made me who I am. I now have the motivation and desire to grow and learn in the Doctor of Pharmacy program to pursue a career to change others’ lives.

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