Life and worse by Georg Ringsgwandl Review

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Georg Ringsgwandl, born in 1948 in Bad Reichenhall, is an all-rounder: musician, singer, composer, doctor, dancer, author, this still married (Can he play the zither?) And father of three daughters. He comes from a humble background, studied medicine in Würzburg and worked until 1993 as a cardiologist at Klinikum Garmisch-Partenkirchen

learned he loves with a zither, who gave him his aunt the music. later a guitar came about. Besides being a doctor, he performed with his band in pubs, small concert halls, on later in guest performances throughout Germany.

In 1987 he won the German Cabaret Award, in 2006 the Bavarian cabaret price (all know Wikipedia).

“Life and worse,” he has put together a small collection of “useful” stories in which his personality, his partnership and his living environment to shine through again and again. He owes a fine observation, his teeth a good nose and his long-time medical profession excellent people skills his eyes. These qualities make the charm of his fine-spun, spun Erten stories.

bluntly and turns it takes itself for a ride. In the story “niche market”, he admits that 90% of its plates are bought only by accident, as he was classified in record shelf between Ricky Martin and Robbie Williams. And his CD is playing particularly well in high summer beer gardens: Wackelt a table, leg’mer halt the Ringsgwandl underneath. How much he had learned High German, but the Lord God has planted in him a white sausage into the brain, and now he just has the dialect inferiority complex (S.

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185 ff).

Do you know Makoto Kobayashi and Toshihide Maskawa? The two Japanese have won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2008, the smallest for their research into particles of matter and antimatter. As this highly scientific issue on a daily basis determines all our households, Ringswandl brings to nearly seven pages of its “pitfalls of antimatter” in cabaret form ready for the stage on paper.

Unfortunately, it has a story in death. An attack dog (whose true will we all know: play, just play …) bites the poor man in the hip, suffered a jaw (not “Pine” – these are the with the needles – see p.222). start inhibit and now depends on him on it …

But to Ringswandls future, no reader must ensure, for his planted 2,003 walnut tree will make a global player him. 2009, his earnings to date richest year: 190 nuts. In 2010, he unfortunately had to check off, because remaining after a squirrel attack him measly 22 pieces. But now he is optimistic for the upcoming autumn. When continue following the IPO?

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